Anyone have experince with SteamCMD or it's 3rd party addons?

spinning up a new games server and saw SteamCMD is thing and much easier than acquiring non steam versions of my steam games and manually updating files and stuff.

However i evidently can’t read well. the wiki:

kind of reads like basically idea of how to setup and upon googling also a list of commands and also few examples of scripts are layed out in a file. also links to 3rd party addons like auto updates or GUI are link via github links.

feels like trying to scrape a bunch of documents or FAQs and youtube, at least with my google fu doesn’t have TON of info and it’s old?

just trying to see if there might be faster way to get the JEST of steamcmd and some of the 3rd party addons

the heck if i can figure to put this in servers or gaming? mods slap me on the wrist.