Anyone have experience with this SweetySun KVM?

I was looking around and saw that L1T has a DP 1.4 dual monitor KVM, which is very sweet, but is $400 which is also reasonable but a little bit rich for me since it seems like the monitors I’m running currently ([email protected] and [email protected]) are squeezing by under the DP 1.2 protocol.

I trolled around on Amazon and found this:

I wonder if anyone has any experience with these units?

Currently I’m rocking an ATEN KVM, i think it’s this one:

It works okay, but likes to flake out once in a blue moon, requiring both input USBs to be disconnected before it will come back to life and serve faithfully for a few more weeks. I’d just LOVE to be able to get:

USB 3!
dual monitors!

Clearly this is all supported by the $400 L1T unit: and I think it’s super duper cool that L1T has been making KVMs for a while now, and I would love to get one at some point.

I am curious though about the USB 3 A port labeled “R” is on the right. From the video it seems like it’s supposed to be the same as the one in the front and it actually switches TWO USB 3 ports and FOUR HID USB 2 ports. That would be phenomenal, because getting high speed USB devices to switch along with the KVM will be super nice.

Welp, I think I’ve already successfully convinced myself that I should just get Wendell’s 2020 dual monitor DP 1.4 unit… in particular because even if a cheap dual monitor DP 1.2 KVM like this SweetySun works as advertised, not having USB 3.0 switched is actually a significant drawback.

I’m starting to feel like the sweet spot for me is a dual monitor 3 machine unit. Hopefully a product like that (or 4 machine) which is robust will exist soon. I’m liking what I’m seeing in available products in recent years.

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