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Anyone Have a Star Atlas?



I know there’s not to many amateur astronomers around here, but maybe there’s a few and maybe a few who aren’t but have one anyway.

Does anyone have a star atlas? What do you have?

It seems like its not the most common thing to have. I know a lot of people have pocket sized ones but ive rarely seen many people with larger map sized ones.

I have this one, I love it. I’ve had it i think for at least a decade.



Yeah, somewhere in one of my drawers.
I don’t know all that much about astronomy, but I know enough to know I love it


One day I hope to look at any page and just know what it is, still to many stars I miss the ones that are normally used for identification


I need patterns to remember these, and I dont even know what they are called

I see two scoops, dippers
and my friend sees scoop, and shopping cart :smiley:


I really need to get a star atlas, and a red light
look at computer
rush out side find Cassiopeia…aka the big W, then use part of the W to find what I am looking for.

Luckily I have the ecliptic memorized, although half of it is blocked by a line of trees.
Also with my ETX 125 the best objects are planets and double stars. Planets don’t twinkle, my fav double is Alberio and Polaris, both easy to find. Polaris is always the same spot over the shack in the backyard and Albiro is the nose of the Swan, a large cross in the sky.
I really really need a light bucket, Aerosmith wrote a song about the 10" Orion Dobsonian :slight_smile:

First time using autostar…"I have to actually find 2 stars on my own?"