Anyone going to Dreamhack Summer? And what other events do you attend?

Hey, I was thinking about going to Dreamhack (sweden) this June. And then I thought how awesome it would be to hang out with some of the lovely people from the teksyndicate community and maybe get a team going.

So is anyone else coming? ( )

Bonus question: What other events do y’all attend or want to attend? (in europe or any other location)

PS: If Logan, Pistol, Wendell etc. see this, you should consider coming to Dreamhack, and organize an event / giant teksyndicate meetup, it would be glorious.

Sorry I didn't see this bro!
I'm also here!! :D

Oh wait.. it's 2016 now.. daum

Closing out this old topic. Please check the post date before replying! :D