Anyone Else Here Use or Heard of Wire?

If this sounds shillish, too bad. I'm bringing this up because I really think this is something that L1 would be interested in.

I know a decent amount of the active users here also use our discord server. Discord is great, I use it and will continue to do so. But Wire has something that Discord doesn't, privacy. Yes, I, a person who uses Windows 10, has a smartphone, and lives in the United States, think that privacy matters even though it looks like I don't really care.

For those of you who are a bit more tinfoil hat than I, we're talking end-to-end encryption with servers based in Germany managed by a Swiss company.

stuff like this \/\/\/

I have this installed on 3 computers and a phone

Alright here's the shill part

Being funded by an investment firm called Iconical.

all the platforms
iOS. Android. Windows. Mac. Linux. Web.

open source

made by OG skype devs

not some shite beta experiment

ffs heres the screen grab

In March 2016, Wire Executive Chairman Janus Friis told Bloomberg that the company will "never create an advertising-based business model", but "might charge for certain premium services in the future"

honestly I wouldnt mind if they charged for this.

Right now imo the mobile app is far superior to the desktop although I cant speak for the linux version

mobile has dark mode, not desktop

also doodling over an image or pretty much built in ms paint lite

You can upload audio files directly, @HEXcellerate and @Novasty have done everything from m4a to wav, it just works

making and uploading videos, gifs, and pics straight into the chat

and all the usual, YT links, imgur stuff, etc

also Linux


Can confirm, it's a great communication service, in my opinion.

if anyone joins hit me up @ kewldude007, pic is me holding rifle

Used it for awhile. Really liking it. Thus far the only serious problem is to get friends to use it instead of something else.


that was my intention with this thread

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Thanks for posting. I've been looking for a private skype type tool and this looks good. I'm @ [remove space] alwaysfloored on wire.

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@BigAlTech btw

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Why did nearly everyone delete their comments?

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I'm disappointed that this isn't about The Wire. Shiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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Off topic discussion


I wanted to try it but couldn't find anyone to test it out with. Also one thing stopping me from using it on the phone is the app version wants access to my shared files, contacts, microphone, camera, Device indentifying information (PIN) and Location. But unlike Signal at least it doesn't require Google play services installed.

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Well yeah, you can upload pics, video, and stuff from the app

Not sure what that is but the app also assigns your device a unique ID number

Well ? It is about time.

So very this!

I'm all for end to end encryption and privacy. However getting all your friends to switch to another messaging service is no small task. Hell I've gone through at least 4 in recent memory. While that's not as bad as some, or indeed as bad as it could....It's still 3 too many.

The point I'm trying to make is that we need to be demanding ALL messaging services provide end to end encryption and built in privacy. Until we get to that point services like this and any others will remain mostly on the fringe never gaining wide spread adoption or market penetration.
We need a Facebook-esque company that actually gives a shit about privacy to sweep up the entire messaging market. Anyone want to get started working on that? heh

Having said all that... I'm going to give this a look-see because it sounds interesting.


OK, I've created an account. Same user name (acetothermus) If anyone feels like adding me.

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You can find me with my forum name on Wire.

4 of what?

General Public will not care until people start disappearing. (Due to opinions that are not politically correct.)

I happen to come across Wire today on Ask Noah 02

Yup i-am still going strong on Telegram. and only ever use whatsapp if absolutely necessary .
I-am hoping that whatsapp will be flooded with adds when facebook finishes their stuff (so users can leave it behind more easily).
SOON .tm

As a user of Telegram,I hear ya mate.No one wants to swtich. Whatsapp and Viber are just too popular.

gonna drop this here

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