Anyone else have isses with X370 Gaming K4 & RAM speed

So according to ASRocks memory QVL list this board supports this RAM at it's rated 2666MHz clock speed, however after trying every combination of settings and both the original 1.55 and the latest 1.64 Beta BIOS I have found that not to be the case. The MAX I can POST at is 2133MHz, anything else and its endless bootloops that require a tedious CMOS clear.

So I'm asking, does anyone else have this Board and what has your experience been with the memory support?
Have you gotten 4 sticks of single rank RAM to post at anything higher than 2133MHz or am I reading ASrocks QVL list wrong and it doesn't actually mean that the RAM will run at its quoted rate?

I have the Killer which is same board but different color.
Have you tried manually entering the timings/clocks into the EFI and rebooting?

Not to say this is a necro post. But I have long since solved the issues. See my other posts on ryzen.

I am having the same problem with a Patriot 2400Mhz installed on an ASUS Prime B250. One made at 2400Mhz and the other at 2133Mhz, I did RMA and it came to the same thing.
How did you solve it?

Intel B250 is an entirely different platform to AMD X370.
I recommend you create a new topic with a detailed explanation of your problem.
That way the community will better be able to help you. :slight_smile: