Anyone else have a weak GPU?

I have a Saphire Radeon HD 3870 and I am playing games thinking they look amazing on low. Anyone else play games like this?

i have a zotac gt 630, i feel your pain

Your GPU is still better than mine. If I was old enough to have a job, I would probably have something beter

where do you live? (I understand this is pci-e)
Got few laying around - 6950(able to unlock to 6970), and 2x 7970's
depending on where you live, i might be able to send 1 to you.

I've got a few 3870s, although they aren't my daily driver by any means. In 3-way Crossfire they don't break any records, but it does allow for playing Skyrim on Medium.

I recommend looking for a Radeon HD 6850 or GTS 450. They're normally between $35 - $65 on eBay, and they'll allow you to start playing games on Medium-High with AA.

i got a 7870GHz aka 270X.

GTX [email protected] although I'll be replacing soon. With a thread like this monitor or game resolution is kinda relevant/ important.


I've got a laptop with a 660m that I use every once and a while. Only 384 cuda core :c Although the 770 in the main rig is nice c:

A GTX 460 that I have overclocked the hell out of. I can play 1080p games with low, and sometimes medium(!) settings.

1600x900 Is my resolution

I live in US

I'm playing serious sam 3 on max settings with a gtx 660 on a 1440x900 monitor.

A few people in this thread don't have what I would call "weak" GPUs...

Hehe yes my main gpu isn't a 3870, but that laptop is probably comparable. And i had to use that for a good year and a half before i got a desktop. So i can relate to the 3870 pain

I was thinking about doing crossfire but my board is mATX and I can't find any online

The 660M is pretty nice if you are running 768x1366. The biggest drawback is the memory bandwidth, as with most nVidia parts these days... With a 256-bit bus the 660M would have been a rocking little card.

Meh it was thermal throttling and it was trying to play 1080p .-.

Crossfire won't help you at this point. The 3870 was completely eclipsed in performance by the Radeon HD 4000 series, and everything afterward built on that. Even a Radeon HD 4770 would be better for you. (1GB version, not the 512MB.)

2 GTX 770's in SLI count?