Anyone else dreaming of a modern dual socket workstation?

I know this is overkill, but I can't help it. ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS SSI EEB. I need it!

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Already did it for me.

I actually HAVE to use it right now as my main machine has died and as such with the plastic being brittle and old the casing is falling apart. This was meant to be on a shelf to look pretty. Not to be used.

Pissed about that.

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Ugh. Sorry your rig got hit by lightning. Do you have a pile of inter-woven surge protectors now?

LOL No no no the original Gen3 got blasted by lightning. The 670 that I slotted into its case and cleaned up is fine.

The machine previous to this I dunno what the hell happened TBH.

Asus, for the people who do not have the money to get a Supermicro board.

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The issue with that is, that I can barely afford a single socket cheap ass office PC, that I use for gaming...
Dual socket - man, that is way way over my capabilities financialy and whatever...

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Yeah. The cruel irony is that I occasionally get paid to work on stuff like this, but never enough to afford stuff like this. :/

I didn't dream, I did. I have the Sandy/Ivy Bridge version of that board. Running dual 2670s on it, it's an absolute monster.

Just remember to get your finances set straight (rent, taxes, etc) before you buy one - these boards are a hard bullet to swallow. Part of me wishes I hadn't bought it. But it's amazing, so... yeah...

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im dreaming of dual socket zen boards that supports 2 32 core chips. with quad channel ECC. and 128 PCIE 3.0 lanes.

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Yeah it's cool, but if you are going to use it just for gaming - why ?

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Excellent and I agree with the finances bit. It's so hard to pay for things that I have to, but don't want to, while watching amazing tech sales pass me by.

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Only 8 RAM sockets. W E A K

I'm living the dream with a Dual Socket E5-2699v4 and SuperMicro X10DAX.

I have heard somewhere about quad AM3+ boards... I can only imagine 4x 83** rendering...
Blink and you'll miss it kind of thing I guess...

I would want one for gaming, newer games ( Directx12 ) can use cores more efficiently. There is this guy on youtube that gets over 100 fps on max settings on Star Wars Battlefront with two E5 processors. And at any one time he has 9 cores going. Tho, it is not perfect at any one time only 4 cores have 50% and up usage and the other cores have like 10% or lower usage. I can just image now, people buying server hardware for gaming rigs.

E5 (Xeons) don't really overclock.. maybe 5% by juicing the bus and RAM. So if he only has 9 cores running, I think that he'd do better with an 8 core i7 overclocked past 4GHz.

... so.....

I really want one because I think it looks bad ass...but... 400 bucks just for the mobo....damn... all I want to do is game, I would need to find something to do with it to justify price... or make more money so I wouldn't have sticker shock

i dont need it, single 6950X would be more then enough for me.

the word you are looking for is: "than"

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