Anyone else been seeing a lot Corsair Ram failure on AMD systems?

I deal with a lot pc builds at work and setting up systems for video production an as of late been having a lot ram failures on AMD Ryzen systems and all Corsair Vengeance Pro and all ranges of sticks 8GB to 32Gb modules 15+ kits at this point in 2 months. Even in my current setup 3970x Threadripper on zenith extreme alpha II had a failure have 2 kits of 4x32GB @3200mhz sticks narrowing down the ones that are bad. Also the other week a friend who runs same motherboard as me and has the 3960X 24 core also had ram failure same type Corsair Vengeance Pro 32Gb modules. I know it may be a coincidence but with all the corsair ram I am seeing DOA at work and now this in last few weeks makes me wonder if corsair has some issues with ram at the moment and over last 2-3 years of production.

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Yep I’ve seen a higher than usual failure rate on Vengeance LPX and Pro DIMMs. All the 3200 rated kits I’ve used on AM4 since the platform launched have had at least one stick throw errors after around 2 years. Originally started with a late 2015 16GB B-Die kit of Vengeance Pro LED, 3200 C16, it failed not long after I switched from Zen 1 to Zen 2. Replaced with a Vengeance LPX Micron E-Die 32GB kit, 3200 C18, and it failed back in 2021 just before upgrading to Zen 3. Replaced that with Dominator Platinum 16GB Micron D-Die, 3000 CL15, and that’s still running. Haven’t really tried going for the high frequency kits myself, however the Team XCalibur 3600 CL18 kit (actually sent by AMD as part of a review kit) that I installed in a friend’s AM4 machine has been going strong since 2018.

I’ve stuck with the Corsair DIMMs because the ITX board I use can be extremely picky about RAM, and at this point I’m actually curious how many kits fail before I jump off AM4.


I might actually have a bad 3970x or bad asus zenith extreme II Alpha doing more test memory is passing and also on latest bios that was supposedly for stability issues and im 30 days out from when mfg expires so have a little time to test before i rma a cpu

Why would anyone install such ram to a workstation machine?
As far as I know they use all sorts of ram dies, so it’s a crap shoot.

With that being said, I know of a 64kit that cannot run at 3200 xmp without errors.

I found the 1 stick that was was bad after having it pass mem test as a solo. When ram goes bad on AMD Stuff can get weird. next system ill need get some better ram off the bad but corsair as long as its not bad works for my needs just video stuff almost 3 years no issues.