Anybody play WoW, and are you enjoying Legion?

Yeah it's in now you have to purify it in a story line in the new expansion. Chris Metzen only doing Voices is doing wonder's for the creative direction of the game no offense or anything.

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Hmmm, my interest is peaked even more now.

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They already killed off more than 6 major characters. And it's actually great for the story.
I personally always liked the lore and to read the quests, if that's your thing you'll enjoy legion.

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I'm really enjoying Legion. I only have two gripes with so far:

I'm not a fan of Mythic+. I have nothing wrong with bonus timers like nightbane or the ZA bears, but I don't like a timer being the main goal. Much how I don't care for speedrunning other games. There is a reason I don't play Diablo. I prefer stuff that takes a few tries, like 4-manning the new Karazhan. I like flat difficulty where wipes are guaranteed, not ruinous. Most of my guild loves M+, and they'll occasionally talk me into tanking one of the higher ones. They love it and that's OK, but it's just not my cup of tea.

My real gripe though is the Illidan retcons. I actually have far less wrong with turning him into purple jesus than I do the retcons of making him an outcast. Being an outcast was not what made him an interesting character. He was an interesting character because he largely did it to himself. He actively chose the path that alienated him. He was given every chance to turn away and become a true hero like he wanted, but he actively rejected them.

Redemption is when a character turns away from actively making bad (or evil) decisions. But now that they have taken away those choices by retconning it so he was forced down that path, then he never was a villian and therefore cannot be redeemed. What made his character is that doing good was an option, and in his hubris and impatience he rejected it.

A good story comes from character development. Character development comes form a charater not being the same person they were when they started the story. Arthas was a great story. The man we slew at the top of ICC was not the same boy who was barely able to take on training dummies in Lordaeron, or the nervous young man who was willing to give anything to protect his people from an unknown undead threat.

But now Illidan has lost the potential to change. He my get all yellow and shiny, but instead of seeing his journey from an emo teenager to finding his true calling, we'll see that he was really just purple jesus the whole time.

PvP has me on ther verge of quitting the game forever. The influx of new PvE oriented players has created an atmosphere of animosity among primary PvP players because of the constant losing that typically happens due to their inexperience. For the past few years I've played WoW to primarily do PvP but BG's right now are just terrible. My arena mates quit once we got to ~1850 and I'm not going to filter through ego's to try to find a team to push higher.

I've been considering faction changing to horde to try to get some better BG's but I don't htink that'll solve anything.

Edit; Otherwise a great expansion.

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What realm are you on? I am really looking to level up some alts as I am really new to the game, like Legion was my first expansion :D

I just got my first legendary yesterday, on my 841 blood DK

Gonna be doing mythic and mythic+ runs let me know if you wanna join my guild, gonna start doing more recruiting, we play on Cenarius

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Really depends on your Battlegroup with alliance. World PVP with the quests and such has been amazing. Love stomping on other people for quest progress!

I’ve only played starter because I just wanted to learn the game systems, but I had to stop when I started loving the lore. I want to play from the beginning if I’m learning the lore. I have the first books too. I’m kinda pissed about that “Daddy Blizz knows whats best for his children” bullshit. 'Scuse me? Your game is fun and all but I want to play it from the beginning bruh. Why the hell can they not do a vanilla / scaling server in the fashion that Jagex did with 2007 runescape? Its not like its hard to manage. People pulled the maps and campaigns off the discs and hacked it all up to date and made the servers and custom launchers and I bet blizz could do that easy.

Its fucking stupid. I’d pay double on sub to start from the beginning.

whats currently the best Main Tank Class for PVE?

i used to play on a serious PVE guild, we had good progression back on WoTLK, then i started getting serious jobs so i played less wow, got in to PVP from Cata to MoP, but then never touched WoD, a few of my old guildies still play Legion but i dont know if its worth the time and effort


When you say from the beginning… Does that include the old stuff that changed too?
Honestly I miss how tough dungeons used to be.
Wiping on trash used to be a common thing. Trash fights lasted long enough for casters to use their longer cast time spells. Crowd control was a needed and useful thing that dps happily used because you played to keep the party alive rather than to top damage meters. tanks would regularly line of sight small groups around corners just so the group didn’t accidentally aggro extra mobs that were a bit too close for comfort. Pulling a crap ton of stuff meant the heals would run out of mana because either the tank was taking too much damage or the dps weren’t blasting the tank’s target rather than just whatever and the heals was furiously trying to keep everyone alive… Both of which also likely meant the heals ended up pulling aggro and getting pwnt. Smart heals knew in the second instance that letting a fool or two die was often a better choice than spamming heals everywhere. Finishing a dungeon actually felt like an accomplishment each time. Now it’s just “how do you avoid this boss’s gimmicks.”

Wow has generally gotten better overall in a lot of areas but difficulty for certain things isn’t one of them. kind of a shame since difficulty can be a big factor in giving people a fantastic and engaging experience that leaves you willing to work for more. i think it sucks that new players these days don’t get that experience of toughing things out with random strangers because finishing a dungeon was an actual accomplishment.

legion is fun though.

Yeah i remember the times when Heroic Instances really meant HEROIC, back on BC when the trash kicked your ass if u were not careful enought, still it was more of a grind fest, on LK stuff changed when you got enought gear you could easily chain pull all the instances, when cata arrived it punished all the low skilled players on the Dungeons because the CC was needed to avoid a Wipe(wasted much time on the Elemental thing instance on Cata teaching the DPS to use the CC and focus on 1 mob at a time)

MoP i didnt play any PVE, and for WOD i didnt even got the Expansion.


Mid heroic progression in Tomb right now. Playing unholy dk but I will run blood for mythic+ or when our main tanks are unavailable.

Meh, it was already easy back then. Vanilla really was where it’s at.
I still remember how pissed I was when TBC came along and the first 2 quests (speaking to the griffon master and taking a flight to Honor Hold IIRC) gave me 2 green items that were better than the epics I was wearing.

I gave up on WoW shortly after hitting my level cap in WotLK and recently had a quick stint on Kronos, but it’s just not the same anymore. The spirit, the community, it just isn’t there anymore.

well if we are really objective on this and remove the rose tinted glasses, vanilla was shit just grind all day, overpriced stuff and over complicated stuff that was not fun, get ganked by lvl60 toons on low areas and run all day to go from one place to another?