Anybody play WoW, and are you enjoying Legion?

How is everybody doing? How many people on here are enjoying Legion?

I play the free version but when I can sub I will. I enjoy WoW but I want to play through all the expansions to get the whole story.

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I'm leveling my first character right now and I'm at level 70. Really enjoying it. I know that doesn't answer your question but from what I've heard it's way better then WLoD in terms of content.

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i recently got into WoW after being abroad and stuck with limited options. i've played on private servers before, so i know the concepts of my class [Warlock, i find it easier to manage] but i'm confused about the overall content. so far i've just been leveling up my character and alchemy [FUCKING PEACEBLOOM] but the Adventure Guide keeps popping up and offering me quests and raids. when do i do those? i'm not horribly eager to guild until i've played more, and it probably doesn't help that i'm on one of the former PVE servers [Aggrimar i think]. so i'm just enjoying wandering around at the mo, but any insight would be a great help.

I started playing WoW in 2005 and I've been on and off since. I can safely say that Legion is one of the best expansions both in content and gameplay wise so far, and that's great cause Warlords of Draenor was a disaster.
I think Ion Hazzikostas(The new game director) is taking it in the right direction, Chris Metzen is retiring(only doing voices), which is also good cause he ran out of date with the lore 5 years ago.

The thing that's lacking a bit is the lore but that's no surprise after the royal messup that was Warlords of Draenor.

I do! I am an Alliance Dwarf Warrior Prot/Fury Item Level 855 and looking for people to do mythics with as I am frustrated that I have not done as many as I'd Like started off tanking like Mythic +2 though but Just started tanking seriously this expansion.

Hey if you are Alliance and want a buddy to do some dungeons with I have a Dwarf mage around that level and a hunter just a bit higher then a 93 druid or something like that don't play em very often have a 110 Dwarf warrior as my main and the rest of the classes I have at 100.

Hey if you are Alliance I've been playing Since vanilla WoW back in the day When I had to go to Tanaris to get polyjuice potions for my Tauren Warrior to trade in quests because he could not fit through certain door's when the game initially launched he's since been race changed to a Dwarf. But I'd be happy to help run you through any dungeons or Raids.

Retail Version is free if you can farm the 40 to 45k gold for the pass my expiration date is 1/14/2022 just have to buy expansions.

I was at the start but started to drop off. The contents good but with the changes to DKs I've found them less fun to play. The problem is I only play that class and haven't found another I enjoy.

Like all expansions, there's good points and bad points.

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Have you looked at the most recent patch notes? I thought they buffed Frost and Blood. Also the new 9 boss Mythic+ Return to Karazhan is pretty sweet. But I have seen quite a bit of frustration amongst the DK community about there class and the position it is in.

Yeah, I've seen they made some changes. I know from reading a few posts it sounds like our rotation has changed a bit so I'll need to relearn it.

I'll be skipping Kara content I've been kicked from groups for other classes with more utility and speaking to people in my class hall they've had the same happen to them when doing mythic. That's the community's fault more than it is the games and I can see myself un-subbing soon.

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What spec are you playing? Unholy DK is one of the most powerful specs in both Mythics and Raid.

I play frost I used to play unholy back in WotLK but haven't played that spec in a long time. I basically went frost because of dual wielding every game I'll play the class that dual wields.

I used to play frost DK as well, but rerolled cause I didn't like the changes in Legion.
For tips and tricks how to play check out Icy Veins.
Frost will be buffed to be competitive, I'd stick around to see the changes in patch 7.1.5, the patch notes are due this week.
I personally play Demon Hunter at the moment, but I don't recommend it, the class has way to many flaws in it's rotation.
The only thing keeping me from rerolling is having to redo class hall, artifact and suramar.

That's what currently stopping me from playing any other class. I don't mind the order hall but getting AP is a pain so I feel forced to play my DK. I believe they are adding a AP catch up in 7.1.5 so maybe I'll level my mage up.

Well if you are alliance with an Item level around 850 or so I'd be willing to tank it for you. If you are not around 850 I'd be willing to jam some Mythics and Mythic pluses with you. Me and my whole guild are pretty chill we've all been playing since vanilla to maintain our community were the only surviving original vanilla guild left on our server all other's have disbanded and we have snapped up the member's we vetted as nice people and such. We also tend to run emerald Nightmare on Tuesday's and it would be fairly easy for me to convince them to snap you up. We play on EST most activity takes place between 6PM to 12PM on weekdays and like 3PM Until whenever we feel like we've put in enough effort towards our progression or we all want to do something else because we've have been banging are heads against a wall or mechanic or both on weekends.

Hopefully I will give it a go soon with a friend. Right now we're playing Age of Conan so that's keeping us busy for a while. But after that we will be going back to WoW as the last time we played it was in the Panda expansion. It was good, however I felt the raid content was so slow, aren't they trying to remedy this in the newer expansions?

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Yeah there trying to spice things up a bit but vanilla player's have already seen the mechanics in emerald nightmare were all holding out hope and eager with anticipation for the 2nd raid in Surramar were we finally kill gul'dan.

Emeral nightmare/dream? Wasn't that the 'dream' realm thing they were going to add, but never went through with it?