Anybody know how to detect ISP's youtube caching server?

Hey what's up guys. So I have a problem that's bugging me, and I'm sure it bugs tons of people. I pay for 12mbp/s internet and still buffer youtube videos at 1080p. I tried the Time Warner IP blocks, but it didn't seem to work. Or I didn't do it right. I don't have time warner though, I have Mediacom, which is based in western Illinois. So I was wondering, the guy that found the IPs for the Time warner cache servers found them somehow, is there a way I can find my specific ISP's youtube cache server IPs? I want to just call them and start complaining because this is absolutely obsurd.

long movies on 1080p buffering on 12mbp/s is normal, cause 12mbp/s isnt realy fast internet...

or did you made a mistake in youre start post? 12mbp/s is about 1.5 MB/s downspeed! so not realy fast ;)

I guess you can simply fire up wireshark, start a video and block the ip from where you receive the data. There might be some kind of fancy magic involved on the server side and and it doesn't show you the real address but it's worth a try.

And you can always make a reverse DNS lookup for the ip you got from wireshark and look up who owns it.