Anybody know any good resources to learn c++?

I currently know Lua, PHP, HTML, and a bit of CSS.

I want to start working in C++ but I'm not sure where I should get started.

Have you considered using an IDE like CodeBlocks? I think that would be a great start along with the default GNU compiler. once you open up the program. Download the one with MinGW for Windows.

Visual Studio is also a good start as well if your using Windows.

As far as learning how to code, well, there is a C++ book that was written by one of the inventors of C++ (trying to remember the name of the book), there is also Google.

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I recently started up some classes at the local community college (even though I am an oldie at this point) to learn C++. I will be using CodeBlocks. We should be starting in on that next week. If you want I can relate my experience to you @AdamHighDefinition.


Can confirm CodeBlocks for C++ in community college was my savior since I used Linux and Windows at the time. I did have to do some checks for the base OS in order to make sure my programs exited properly because they used different functions at the time, but nonetheless it was well worth it.

As for resources to learn on your own if that's more your style, books are generally some of the best resources to get a grasp of the language with Google filling in the updated details and functionality.


It does not apply in your case but for someone with no experience whatsoever I found this quite usefull.
For the curious who may wander in here.

I actually learned allot from it

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Yeah, I was too lazy to dig in my bag and grab my book the other day lol.

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While Bjarnes book is an interesting read. Its not really beginner friendly, it was a while since I read beginner books, but I used C++ Primer Plus. I thought it was quite good.

Woah lots of replies thanks for the help!

I'm going to check out CodeBlocks and look into the books you recommend. Thank you!

Dont get Primer Plus. Its genreally considered not great.

Get C++ Primer instead (if your getting that book)

One you might consider is Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
Which is using modern C++ and written by Bjarne Stroustrup (im going to look at this one i think)

This is also a good resources.

(you should write in modern C++, despite the bad old info out there.)

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There are many online resources for C++, I have some books I could share, many I have accumulated over time or passed to me by friends who shared.

This seems to be the problem, anything before 2011/2014 seems to be old and defunct, its recommended to learn C++11/14 (soon 17) rather than pick up bad old habits. The newer books seem to be the popular method of learning.


@AdamHighDefinition Turns out we will continue working on what we were before, so no C++ for now. Didn't want you thinking I had gone and forgotten ya!

You could start learning raw C and then progress into C++ but one good resource for just C++ is if your an absolute beginner

From what I've been learning this isn't a good way to go, unless you want to learn C.

Also I have some example code on GitHub thats commented so you can read it and figure out what everything does


I also have an archive of one of my beginner coding streams here :

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