Any uses for broken PS3?

My brothers broken PS3, any uses for it? it's been sitting in his room for years and I think it has the pcb issue where u have to cook it in the oven again. Anyways any uses for it? I know i can take the HD, but can the blu ray be reused as pc blu ray or anything. Also how good is the PSU?

Probably not worth messing with unless you want to take it apart for fun. PSU is unlikely to be worth doing anything with. Using an oven to reflow solder rarely works, and if it does, it's only temporary.

The blu-ray player uses a ribbon cable instead of a normal SATA interface so its unlikely to work on a pc out of the box but somebody on the internet may have got it working with an adapter or something.

I guess the HDD and the power supply are the only things worth taking off of that console. I don't think you can recycle much else from it.
To be honest I have issues finding an use for a working PS3 (mine) so I guess trying to put to good use a broken one is even harder lol

You could build a PC inside it for lols.

Psu and blue ray are proprietary so you can't use them for anything else unfortunately unless if you feel like researching what wires do what and splicing into them which TBH isn't worth it.

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I'll buy it from you for tree fiddy

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The tiny fans on it are fairly quite and effective, you can probably reuse them for a media or router PC later on down the road.

The only thing to use a PS3/XBOX360 for these days is modding+emulation, I still have like 10 of each (defective in some way or another) piled up in my workroom. I keep telling myself one day I will patch them up + mod then sell for $50 or something just to recover some losses (my life is made of nothing but losses!)

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Ok I guess I'm reusing that 300gb laptop HD I had in there and taking the fans I suppose and the screws, the rest goes to the dump!

hell yeah

an psu 223 series the lowe power one is like a $20 ebay ride if memory serves

but yeah
tear shit apart
learn something, get some exp building up
level up son

take that big ass fan in there and hook it up to a power suply and a dimmer and make yourself a fan

i overvolted one of those monsters and it can push some serious flow lol

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If it's flat it'd be a decent coaster

You can also frame the PCB as tech art piece, it's Cell processor was unique in its time after all, I think IBM also used it at that time too, and despite its flaws and limited memory its 1st party titles was able to churn out some of the most beautiful graphics of its console generation (Ratchet and Clank/Uncharted/Killzone/God of War 3).

Like these ones:


You can make one hell of a door-stoper.

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Depending on the age and firmware, if you could figure out what is wrong with it and fix it, install Linux on that thing.

Whatever you do don't update it.

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Gut the case. Get busy with a dremel. Arduino, Pi or teensy and some rgb LEDs and make a nice lamp or desk chotchky.

If a pi is used it could also be functional for other fun things, like a Pi Hole or music streaming set up.

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You could use your ps3 as :
A doorstop
A monitor riser
A cup holder (like logan used to do with a graphics card)
You could use the case and but a raspberry pi in it
You could use it to learn how to solder and solderer components

thats all I can think of at the moment as for the blue ray player it needs to be modifed to work in a pc

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