Any tips for making a simple Game Lobby / Matchmaking site?

I have been wanting to make a site for a game lobby / matchmaking service for a long time now. while the game in question has it own matchmaking service, it only lets you use certain game modes. But there is a huge community that favors another play style and we are left to ask around for a match. there used to be one for the community. but it is not longer running.

Does anyone know of any resources i may look at for example code to get such a thing started? i remember like a year or so ago i was trying it out and i got a working register/login page and a profile settings page. i even got a chat page working. but i could never find anything about setting up a gamelobby/match making page.


basic rundown

Register Account

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password

Profile Settings

  • Change Email
  • Change Password
  • Change In Game Name
  • Change Friend Code
  • Change Default Game Modes

Search A Game

  • Load Default Game Modes, can change if needed
  • Search for a game
  • Search for all open rooms with a matching game mode, if failed create a new room.

The Game Room

  • Show other user In Game Name and Friend Code
  • Simple Chat

I would start out with wordpress, then work form there as it's a super easy to setup CMS that has a ton of support and is easily modifiable. I recently created a site here that it fundamentally similar to the Tek Syndicate site. Most of the functions and account handling is custom, and is very difficult to discern as a wordpress site.

I don't think that there is very much already out there so again, most of everything will likely have to be custom. If you can get a server, wordpress install, and theme setup, I wouldn't mind helping out if you are willing.


May I ask, what is the game?

The games are the Pokemon games on the 3DS.

oh for the love of god please don't use wordpress like the first person to reply said.

I'd start off by making all the user registration/login/profile options etc, then worry about the matchmaking system. 


Also if you're serious about it being for a 3ds, don't even bother dude, it's not going to work.

I think you misunderstood me. the games are on the 3ds. but the matchmaking service i want as a website that you can access on computer/table/phone. I could probably do this with C#, but i want it to be easily accessible so it must be a web page and i have very little experience with coding pages. like i said in the OP i was able to follow guides/example code to get a working register/login page and a profile settings page. the last step was the game lobby page/ matchmaking page. I could never find examples and I got stuck. I learn best by seeing example code.



I went and made the site again since i didn't had the old version anymore. I was actually able to complete almost everything on the list in the OP except for Change email/password(never got around to it yet ut i sure i can do it) and the one I not sure how to go about doing, the Simple Chat.

some back story. when you search for a game it checks a rooms table for open games. if it cant find a open game to join it makes a new game and you wait on a searching page until another user is added to your room where you both go to the game room page. this page hows the other users friend code and in game name. 


Now I need to know how i can make a simple private chat between the 2 users.

With an IRC server running, you can coordinate the joining of a custom temporary channel using the KiwiIRC API.