Any thoughts on first build?

I wanted to make it as upgradable and future proof as I could for my budget.

In the future I plan on getting more RAM and getting a second 7870.

Any advice?

Well, in that case, you need more POWER!

Swap out that power supply, 500W wont simply do, if you plan on putting 7870 in there. 

550W PSU is the bare minimum, but i would stick to something closer to 700W or so. (Stick to corsair, or seasonic, i dont trust others anymore)

Dont know why people put optical drives in their systems, last time i used a disc was 2011.




Swap out the psu for a bigger one 550 or 600. get a cheaper cooler like the dark knight or cm hyper 212 evo. i dont think that you will be able to overclock at all on that board. instead of that single stick of ram get dual channel ram instead.

Well FX6350 on the  Gigabyte 78lmT mobo is not a good combination, in the first place, 125W tdp cpu on a older mobo with 4+1 power phase... i won´t do it. it would probably eaven not supported by that mobo out of the box!.

if you plan on crosfire you will need a 990FX chipset board, for that. because 780 and 970 boards have not enough pci-e lanes to do that. further  the psu is to low, if you stay at 1 7870 its fine, but if you plan on CF then you will need more watts.

Whats your budger?

is this better?

and my budget is around $700