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Any sugesstions on D&D one on one Adventures?


Trying to get my daughter to play her first game with me, and I haven’t played in around 20 years. Just picked up 4e core books (because they were way, way cheaper than 5e), but that is some what irrelevant I can do conversions where needed. I know that TSR had several one on ones, don’t know about WotC, but I was looking for player created, with some opinion from the community?



It’s not too hard to create your own content. There’s plenty of tools online that will make things easier for you too. Here are a couple of things to look at.

When doing one on one, make sure to build around the player as much as possible. As the DM you have the power to adjust the rules if you think something is too hard for a solo player. And don’t be afraid to create NPCs to help them out in their story.

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5e Starter campaign isnt bad

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Sweet, thank you. Been years since i played and was getting a little overwhelmed trying to find stuff. I was hoping to try out some content from the community, but in the end, there are better places. I am always impressed with the creative content and resources of this community.



Couldnt afford 5e books so i picked up 4e, it seems like that was a mistake, because 5e was about simplification, which would help in my case. I will take a look at it and make adjustments, thank you.