Any Silver k70s Out There?

Since the overused black and red comes in all switches now I cannot find the silver one, I am looking for one of these elusive things "Vengeance® K70 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Natural Silver North American Key Layout Cherry MX Brown" although it has proven impossible to find and I really like the k70 does anyone know where I can get one or maybe if any of you are selling one. I just want one so bad but now all I can find is that damned overused hyped black and red :(

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This keyboard seems mythical lol. Its either out of stock or not even offered on every website I have looked. Maybe contact corsair and see if you can get one ordered directly from them? Other than that, if someone has one I really doubt they will sell it.

Any particular reason behind this statement?

idk its become a hobby of his

hmm...maybe I should ask him how he overclocks keyboards. Sounds like something new to tinker with.

I know I can't even find any on ebay

OK, the back story is to post in the correct section, OP. I hope that clears up.