Any scientist that know how to use the Harvard reference system?

I wasn't sure where to post this, hope it's right.

So I have attended this course at university which was about the basics of doing research. One of the assignments was to make a litterature review. My review was fine except my references. I have now gotten corrections twice that I am doing it wrong but I just don't understand what! I have followed various guides about the Harvard system but I just don't get what I am doing wrong. So I'm now turning to you dear levelonetechs members! Can you spot the error? (Btw these are in swedish, but you should be able to get the formatting anyway)

Chaffey, Dave. 2015. Forecast growth in percentage of online retail/ecommerce sale. Smart insights (Hämtad 18/04/17).

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I am a HS educated Truck Driver, so consider the souce.

On thing struck me was not seeing ibid and opcit or something so found this by googling "ibid op cit Harvard"

Also are periodicals supposed to be in italics or something?
Journal Articles, Dissertations, and Newspapers
7. Walter Johnson, “Inconsistency, Contradiction, and CompleteConfusion: The Everyday
Life ofthe Law of Southern Slavery,” Law and Social Inquiry 22 (1997): 405–433

Example from this:

Hope this helps or I am gonna look like a total moron :slight_smile:

Software like Mendeley can do that stuff automatically. it can also retrieve information of pdf files from the internet. pretty handy.

I've used a program called Zotero with great ease. It can find full references and export them in whatever style you'd like have never been required to use Harvard style though.

@Baxtex As far as zotero is informed, there is no official Harvard Style, it depends on your educational institution, read this

I noticed you sometimes have periods after web addresses and sometimes not, and you vary between using "Hämtades" and "Hämtad" for no reason as far as I can tell. Though I don't know what the right option is in either case.

I assume you've checked if the course provides a style guide somewhere? Or if there is a general style guide from the university maybe?

Also, learning to use some kind of reference managing software is a pretty good idea if you're gonna write a lot of these.

Will look into it!

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WIll check it out.

I actually have Zotero installed but I just found it confusing with the browser extension and all. Maybe should do a tutorial about it.

Thanks, I hadn't noticed that! I think my major problem is that I don't have a city or country for some of the academic references, the thing is that I haven't been able to get that information. There are no official guidelines from my school but I have looked at many other guides from pretty good sources. All systems aren't identical but as long as you got the correct information and is consistent with the format, it should be "good enough".