Any recommendations for a plain black box PC case?

Getting ready to finally build a new PC, and I’m just not a fan of the RGB, tempered glass, bug looking stuff. I want a plain black box with a power button and a decent amount of front io. 99-110 is about where I’d like to stay in terms of pricing. Thanks!

Fractal Design Define R5 (R5 might be slightly above) or R7 Compact if you care about noise

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I was just going to say the same. If you don’t need full ATX the define 7 compact can probably be found for around that price with some digging.

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I dont really have a specific recommendation but I’d like to help you increase the pool of possible recommendations:

  1. Can’t you just not connect the RGB headers? Some fans have built in lights that cant be turned off - you are going to buy replacement for those anyway but before you do that, try to disconnect the wires to the light or destroy the light entirely if you cant remove the wires. If the fans still work then you probably dont need to buy a replacement.

  2. Tempered glass - you can cover the inside part with a dark/black material to prevent light from bleeding through. Also pro tip, you dont have to look at the rainbow puke oozing from inside your computer if you face it away from you. Sometimes the light from these RGBs can be a somewhat passive illumination around your pc if you leave it on (and the monitor off at night).

Anyway those are my 2 centavos. Its a bit involved but your choices have increased because most the “boring” black cases might not have the features you need and the good case manufacturers with nice airflow have embraced both the tempered glass and RGB life. As a general brand design, the guys at bequiet may have stuff you need. Go check their stores out.

Tempered glass, is likely THE area you will have, to take an L on… just saying

Fractal Define series [iTX+]
Fractal Meshify series [iTX+]
Fractal POP series [mATX+]
Fractal Node 202 [*iTX]
Fractal Node 304 [*iTX]
NZXT H510 Flow
Lian Li Lancool 215
Lian Li 011 Mini-series
beQuiet Purebase 500/600 series
Phanteks Eclipse G360A/P400A
SSUPD Meshilicious [*iTX]
Cooler Master NR200 series [*iTX]
Corsair 4000/5000 D/Airflow
Thermaltake Tower 100 [*iTX]
Silverstone PS15 Pro [*mATX]
Silverstone Fara F1B Pro
Silverstone Grandia series [iTX-ATX; Desktop form factor]