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Any reccomendations


So, I'm going to be honest and say its been awhile since I've read a book and I wanted to ask the community on some recommendations on some easy to pick up books, and maybe one that could educate me a bit or one that you may enjoy.


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What genre do you like? I'm into sci-fi/fantasy. My recommendation is a light humorous fantasy series by Robert lynn Asprin. They all have "myth" in the title and should be read in order but stand alone well too.
An example;



I enjoy things based on history,Sci-fi, I like a good mystery, and maybe some humor. I've read and reread "house of the scorpion" alot thats one of my favorite books.



The first part of this book:

The rest of the book sucks. However, the first part where the main character wakes up in an alternative universe having to do with Norse mythology is brilliant.

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One of my all time favorite book and movie

The movie actually follows the books fairly closely except for the ending but still better than most adaptions