Any Phantom 820 owners here?

So i've always had my eye on the Phantom 820. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. But i've just recently brought something to my attention. Apparently, the Phantom scratches easily? I've heard in on other forums, on Amazon reviews, as well as reviews on Newegg. So is it actually really prone to scratches or what? This is the last thing i expect out of a $300 case. Any 820 which isn't white doesn't seem to have a glossy finish. What's going on? Are these reviewers just rough bastards? Or is the paintjob balls on the Phantom 820. Because i'm really considering spending the extra dollars and buying it.

Are you going for design or features?
If you go for features, get the Switch 810 and add a fan controller... It's basically the same case... The Phantom have the design, the fan controller and the lights over switch 810. And if you have a couple of fan splitters and don't mind the Switch design, go for the switch...

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Well i'm asking especially about how prone it is to scratches, if you read my post. I don't like the idea of buying something for that much money and having a shoddy case that scratches as easily as a fat PS3's shitty plexiglass clear-coat. I'm also interested in the longevity of the LED lights on the 820. Do they last?

i cant speak for the 820, but i have a Phantom 530 myself.
i dont recognize those complaints about easy scratching.
But ofc its a matter of how you handle the case.

I have a black Phantom 820. The black is a matte black, so there is no gloss on the plastic, but some slight gloss on the metal. As for scratching, I have 1 scratch on the inside of where the side panel slides in. So unless you take some metal to it it shouldn’t really scratch. And just know this case is big and heavy. Make sure you have room for it.

Yeah. I figured it's quite ridiculous, seeing such complaints. And it is MATTE. Which means it shouldn't be prone to scratching. I'll be VERY, VERY careful with it if i get one. Which means it shouldn't scratch, right? I mean what the hell? Did these people wear sandpaper coated gloves while handling the thing?

I have one... I cracked my damn fricken window but ehh whatever

Oh, whaa? What the hell happened? I imagine that was caused by some decent amount of force? Do they suffer micro-marin or micro-scratches just like a clearcoat? I imagine they don't, because even full windowed side panels tend to be acrylic.

No its basically a shitty plastic window.. Like fucking shity it fell on a capet floor from standing up (just the side panel)

yeah but thats you lol :p

:P well NZXT could have not cheaped out on that... that and the front panel air filters.. i have to take the front part of the case off instead of just unslotting it.. there are some retarded parts of it but its a great case

Thats exaly the only complain i have about my 530.
They haven´t realy thought about easy acces to the front dust filter for cleaning :P

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just one of those things they overlook.. also all new nzxt cases are pretty much shit IMHO... phanteks is the bomb

Wait. So.. i'm confused. The plastic windows is a shitty plastic window, or what? LOL... Saw some pictures on another forum of other Phantom 820s. They look like they've been used as a lunch tray. And maybe even a sink. All these foggy-looking stains. LOL. The hell?

If there's any maintanence/care routines i can follow to keep it in tip top condition, i will. Any suggestions as to what to use to whipe it down? Clean it if necessary? I imagine a microfibre cloth outta be enough? I use Greenworks on my glossy monitor... And surprisingly, no streaks left. I even used it on the screen! That stuff is amazing!

actually, yes ANY plexi that has not been treated will get sand rings in it. Even if it has, it will get them over time. the best thing for them is a clear protective film like you find on factory treated cell phone screens. Since that is quite expensive, I treat mine with auto window tint. you can get the lowest tint possible and the light from the inside will be awesome. also, if you DO get sand rings in it, there are products that can help if they are just rings and not gouges. a product called "PlastX" is great for small rings and scratches in plastic. If it is more severe, you can treat with 900 grit sandpaper and work up to 1500 grit with a wet sand and it will make plastic clear again; after wax and buff, of course.

Yeah, that one part sticks out like a sore thumb. Damn... There a permanent solution to make it not shitty? Also, not sure what you mean by sand rings.

a sand ring is something you will see in older car paint when you see the suns/light sources reflection in it. they are fine scratches that make the shine look less shiny, but cant be seen from a distance without focusing, Unless that surface is clear. there is a MORE permanent solution, and that is the window tint I mentioned. being inside it should last for years. if it gets scratchy, get a hair dryer and pull it off. other than that, the EXTREME solution is polyurethane. that will require the sanding and buffing and will be very shiny, but not as translucent at window tint. and there is no pulling poly off of plastic easily. window tint really is the fastest, most easy option. and it is reversible. not to mention, cheap you could do that side window twice with one roll of window tint.


Had anyone ever had or heard of Phantom 820 lights dying? Sorry, folks. But i'm extremely mindful. And extremely paranoid. And my paranoia had returned. I don't want to get this case if the LEDs will be dead in 3 years. I only ever found this wierdo selling his 820, and saying the rear i/o lights were dead.

my back io leds, but also powerled and hdd led still work fine after one year of usage.

So your Phantom 530's I/O LEDs are dead? After just a year? And you're ok with that? I do NOT have a problem paying a premium price for a premium product. But if the Phantom is just a pretty POS in disguise, i don't want to have anything to do with it. I know the white ones turn yellow over time. So that's why i chose the Black one over White. We've already deduced that the scratching issue originates from pure retardation on the part of the user. But the problem of the lights is still present.

I mean.... YOU just said your I/O lights are out after only a year. You're not upset about it? That's pretty twisted. The lights going out, i mean.