Any one know where i can get a Windows 3/3.1 iso?

Looking ti download a Windows 3 or 3.1 iso to throw on a VM for a project.

I believe you can actually download it free though I would avoid it and get dos 6.22 and get a custom shell (like amiga shell) and use that. 3.1 is basically dos 6 with a really shit window system so please save the pain in the ass that is windows 3 unless its for a specific school project.

I can mail you a floppy. :-)

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Lol, I don't have a floppy reader anymore.

What are you planning to do with it? Usually Dosbox is my go to for anything 'legacy'.

Should have asked me a few days ago. Just recycled a windows 3.1 floppy. Still have my 98 and 95 though

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buddy of mine kept his floppy disk drive in the case of his pc. It's not connected to anything, he just thinks it's funny to pop a floppy disk into and pretend he's accessing data when someone new comes over.


There may be a pretty good site for obtaining certain legacy operating systems iso files (though this is a gray area legally and therefore cannot advise it and obviously can't post a link [also due to my not being able to remember the name lol]).

Dosbox is very solid, but certain games require windows 3/3.1 (at least last time i tried it over 2 years ago before actually learning about computers). That being said, it can be fun to play around with older operating systems so that might also be a reason to get win 3/3.1

Yeah I still have a Win98 SE CD. And Win2000. And a few FDD lol. I even have a USB FDD because Assus used to love supply RAID/SAS chip & backplane drivers as FD imaging tools, so you couldn't even really extract the DLLs you had to image a floppy. Dix.

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I love that guy. His Guile theme is amazing.

though i recommend os/2 from ibm. It was better.

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Damn it's down..

WinWorldPC was my 1 stop shop for retro computing. They have several versions of all those old OS disks, even with service packs and language packs. I hope it gets back online, even the Lycos-ish layout was fun to see.

I Still have my 3.11 install on my (2GB!! :O) hard disk, but it's in spanish and with a crapload of games. Even if I pull all the stuff with IDE->USB adaptor and image it, I doubt you'll find it useful.

BTW has a ton of content for early windows and DOS. check that out

Man I love floppy music like mrsolidsnake on youtube.