Any news about an r9 380x?

i know this is an old article, but if this turns out to be true it'd be a perfect card for me and many other gamers.

THe 380X is just a Tonga version of the 280X, so its nothing realy special.

I don't think there will be one. I think AMD is phasing out the X-cards and just naming them as Rx-3xx. and the only reason i believe that is because the only two GPUS that have an X variant is the 390 and the Fury. everything below those don't have an X model.

The 380 exists, but it's re-hashed and re-worked Tonga GPU. The Tonga core originally being in the R9-285. which is now in the 380. the difference between the 285 and 380 is that the 380 is factory overclocked and now comes in a 4GiB VRAM flavor. the old 285 never came with that.

yeah but if it turned out to be true that there'll be a 380x then the performance per watt and full dx 12 support with more vram just sits in the sweet/right spot! and the pricing will be around 320 to 330 CAD which will be gosh darn perfect!

and heres the problem tomorrow starwars battlefront alpha go live and i dont have a discrete gpu to play FCUK!! dont know what to do

but amd made apple a custom chip featuring a tonga version of 280x(MR9 295X), and nvidia also has a small slot open for a 960ti so amd will need an answer for that,so there'll be a high possibility of a 380x

yeah but the problem with the Tonga XT is that it performed close to a 780. if they put that R9-M295X into a Desktop grade GPU it would undercut the R9-390

yeah but r9 390 being a 8gb chip they could release a 4gb version of r9 380x, which could be a minus point for some ppl, so they'd opt to go for r9 390 which would perform a tad bit better with a higher vram, ROPs, memory bus etc, Thus justifying the existence of r9 380x and filling up the mid 300 CAD.

Even so it wouldn't make sense. price wise and performance wise. a R9-380 4GiB model, cost around 220+ dollars. for argument sake lets say around $240. if AMD made a R9-380x it would have to be in-between $250 and $329. realistically it would have to be at most $279 or $289 dollars. that is too dangerously close to the 390 price and if was 20 dollars more than a 380 4GiB model what would be the point of the 380 4GiB model? Performance wise the M295x was around the 780 performance bracket which the old 290/290x was meant to compete with. the 390 is just a re-hashed 290. so where would the 380x stand?

It's in my opinion my old point i made when Nvidia dropped Maxwell. and they were promoting the 960. it doesn't make sense at it's price point. cause the 285 was around $180 bucks. it beat the 960. (the 960 was 210+ dollars) then if you spent around 30 bucks more you could of picked up a 290. so where did it stand exactly? what does it compete with? nothing. in AMD's case an R9-380x would just undercut the 390. cause you aren't going to use all 8GiB of VRAM on the 390 let's be realistic here. and it wasn't a good 4K card. (As much as AMD said it was.. it wasn't. you needed two GPUS to have a moderately good experience) so the 380x wouldn't stand nowhere besides undercutting the 390. and the 380.

The price bracket between $200-300 would be really tough. It would be a must that the card have 4gb - I can't imagine them giving it 8gb.

Unless they used some of that "free Tonga" space on the die that you sometimes heard people talk about, when the R9 285X was the rumor of the day, I am not sure we'll ever see a R9 380X. Maybe if they throw some of the HBM on there? Ha.