Any Newer Games that have "Game Over" States and Make You Restart?

Wondering if there were any newer games out there that you all liked that had "game over" states.  So, if you make a mistake in rationing a certain supply, or if you die, you have to restart entirely.  I know some online games, like DayZ, do this, but I'm more interested in single player games that do.

Do you think they work?

the only one that i can think of off the top of my head would be Hitman: Absolution. if you die they send you all the way to your last checkpoint. but its tedious and annoying. if you are looking for difficulty like that you're going to have to stick with old school games cause honestly i would say the majority of games now-a-days aren't brutal like games in the past. there aren't "Lives" in games now a days or there isn't that "if you die you lose everything" stuff in games like back then. also on top of that the majority of the games are console ports so they favor that audience that want to make everything easy. i mean sure there are games that are brutal but not in todays games at least from what i've played.

Diablo 3 in hardcore mode?

The seven day FPS challenge game, Receiver. 

- FTL: Faster Than Light

- Project Zomboid

- Don't Starve (I think, haven't played for a few years)

These are the only games in my steam library that actually enforce permadeath.

Some games I think have permadeath, but I don't actually own:

- Rust

- Dayz

- The Forest

- 7 Days To Die

binding of issac

risk of rain

Arma series on hardcore and operation flashpoint series on hardcore

Medal of Honor on tier 1 difficulty

Path of Exile on Hardcore

Dead space 2 on highest difficulty only gives you 3 saves for the entire game if I remember correctly