Any laptop for gaming?

I'm getting a laptop for my kid this x-mas, mostly for playing games like minecraft and Sims 4. Does it have to be a "gaming" laptop or could any laptop with good specs do? I looked at Lenovo Z50-70 and it should do fine, right? I'm on a pretty tight budget, so less than $700 is my goal... preferably less. 

Please share your thoughts and recommendations, thanks! 

The Lenovo Z50-70  should play those well ... even more intense games should play ok

decent specs for a mid level laptop

Lenovo Z50-70 15.6-inch Full-HD 1080p Laptop (Silver) - (Intel Core i7-4510U 2.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GT840M 4 GB, HDMI, Webcam, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Windows 8.1)

Here is another option on a $700 build that  ... IMO will have a longer lifespan ... it can be repaired and upgraded easier.

It has been my experience that laptops don't last long around kids ...  could just be my kids though.   lol

I'm personally not a fan of gaming laptops either myself, simply because, if your primary agenda is to game on it, i will guarantee it will not last very long, simply because, you have high specifications in a small form-factor which is a laptop you will most likely see over-heating issues in about a year and a half or so, compared to just building a PC and having it last years down the line. cause the components are made to last unlike some gaming laptops.

however if I HAD to choose a Laptop primarily for gaming and i had no other choice but to grab one i'd choose this one.

It would be awesome to build a pc with my kid, but it's just not portable enough... Some day though! 

I've looked at the Y50-70 aswell, the specs are similar and it doesn't look like it has that much better cooling. Maybe if I can find it on sale, otherwise it's $200 over budget.