Any idea where I can get a security bit to unscrew these screws?

Hi all -

This is a strange security bit, as it is essentially “inverted” - don’t let the photo angle fool you but that centre point protrudes towards you a fair bit.

The compatible screw bit will need to have 3 “claws” with an inverted recess to allow the 3-wings to fit. It is not a “tri-wing” either.

Pictured is a Belkin power strip that I intend to inspect for shorts. Not to worry, I’ve got experience working with AC, in fact I’ll be using my handbuilt AC Isolation Transformer and run 15VAC first to see if it shorts. It has 2x 60W bulbs in series that glow super bright if there are any shorts too.

Thanks M.

P.S. here’s a video of my custom AC isolation box


GCA Security Screwdriver/BitSteel Set of 3.8mm & 4.5mm Screwdriver Security Game Bits for NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy and GameCube

Maybe something like this driver end would work. It’s more a “socket” end look than a “driver” per say… I don’t know if that is the right dimensions you need though…


Right, exactly - it would be a socket end. The one you sent isn’t exactly the right shape by hmm, it may work - not sure. Thanks.


maybe something from iFixit would work
Found those 2 on their website:

I see the individual items are kind of expensive, best would be to buy a set, if you have the need of more special bits.

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I remember seeing those screws when opening my GBC. I just used a flat head screwdriver and unscrew them without any issue. Maybe you could give that a try meanwhile you get the correct bit for your screwdriver.

I wonder if you could find a Torx or spline socket that would fit? Either of those would probably be a lot easier to find than what looks like a tri point socket.

I highly recommend buying some screwdriver kits spare and an ifixit kit. I lose bits a lot lol.

That’s the problem though, I need an inverse “screw” - so a socket. The iFixit screwdrivers will not work as the screw inside this unit is protruding outwards (there are no slots or groves).

The socket would have 3x claws to fit into the tri-point. Make sense?

Exactly, it needs to be a Tri-point “socket”.

I think this should work - will let you know

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