Any idea on a price for CAD fork/add on to blender?

I have a 100/10 idea that would make blender useful to the average person, and also create the only CAD program that would ever matter. I call it pipedream CAD , since every other CAD program I’ve looked at is lacking in functionality.

Basically it would be a UI overhaul to blender with added features. It would start with a grid and you could manipulate objects just like with TinkerCAD, but could also draw/create by exact points/vertices, where it would generate lines(or 2D shapes/planes I guess?) between them, and then polygons(with your set limit between points/solid objects when finished, or whenever you wanted.

I know a bit of lua but have no idea where I would get started, so anyone here have any idea how much something like that would cost to make?

The basic run down:
Create Point A at (0,0,0)
Create Cube(6 sided polygon) FROM point A in X direction from point A (Auto generate points on each vertex of the Polygon)
Create point 50% between points A1/A4. A2/A3
Create HOLE Cylinder Object around New Point
To turn this into a dome with an easily adjustable roof, I could then
Clone Points A3/B3/A4/B4
Create half circle between New Points with Angle 45* (between A3/B4, A4,B3)

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There’s nothing really preventing you from doing accurate drawings in blender today like you described, but most cad these is parametric.


I don’t think blender has the same nice UI as TinkerCAD, or ease of use

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Theres a project for this, from what google tells me.

If you have some time, check out 3D Orchard ( ). It’s kind of like a mix between the two–and typical sketch-based CAD.

3 of us built 3D Orchard to distribute free access to CAD, to enable people around the world to collaboratively build products together. So it has full browser-based CAD built into the platform. The CAD UI is slightly different than typical CAD, because the tools pop-up based on what you click. Would love to hear your feedback! You can use the button in the bottom-right corner to give us feedback.


I tried learning Blender several times. And no matter how many people tell me “it is so easy”, there is no good 101 tutorial on it anywhere.

Yes there is.

It’s the one I used to learn. Went from knowing absolutely nothing about 3d to being decent.

Theres also this one

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Now I am good enough with C4D to the point I could learn Blender as a “nice to have”.

It appears that the project has been frozen for a while going by a comment I got, and it’s not really fixing the UI or usability of blender it seems.