Any good freesync ultrawide monitors? [solved]

The only one I can find is this:

but that is not avialable in stock and will not be for a while.

My budget is up to 500 pounds but preferably less. 1080p cause I doubt my single Fury can push more than that.

Theres also this one:

but im not sure if my gpu (fury non x) can push that resolution at ultra/high everything.

Single fury can push 1440p easy. I'm using one with a 4k display right now. I have to tweak a few settings but I can still play at that resolution. It's over kill for 1080p on most games even at high refresh rates. You should have no worries at all with a freesync enabled monitor.

Acer and ASUS also make 1440p freesync monitors in standard and ultra wide, but I don't know if any of them are in the price range you state. Also, I'm in the US so I don't how much the market price might vary.

Short answer is NOPE cause both freesync and Ultrawide monitors are CRAP! Long live 600hz 4:3 CRT's!!!

Joking aside thats a good question... It feels like they should be flooding the market and thus my youtube subscription feed with reviews. But I havent heard a whole lately.

This monitor is the same price as the BenQ with all the same features, AND it is IPS.


Why not just get a 4k IPS free-sync display? it's under 400 pounds, and 4k scales perfectly with 1080p

In addition your Fury can push 4k medium settings no problem, an ultra wide is just going to end up giving you less pixels for more money

EDIT:Or a 144hz IPS 1440p display works too

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I decided to go with your advice for 4k and future proofing reasons

Well like, are you playing a lot of twitch shooters like CS:GO? the higher refresh rate's probably going to help you more there.

and a 40" 4k display is preferred for productivity, though at 27" the PPI is 150, bit small, but if it's close scaling shouldn't be much of an issue

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I don't play video games all that much and when I do its not competitive (so mostly sp games like the witcher)

However I do do a lot of programming, but I have a large number of monitors so a large one is not needed.

Being fully honest, I got this GPU and monitor for witcher 3 and mirrors edge catalyst XD

Well then ya maybe the 4k, do you already have a nice monitor arm set up?

Nah, I'm using my speakers as a monitor stand :D

Ya,,, get a decent monitor arm or something with it man, actually does it even have VESA mounts, I didn't even check

This is cheap, should probably get the job done, whatever the case always get a multi jointed one

Thank you for this recommendation!!!! <3 it came today and its so sexy I'm in love with 4k fps I love you <3