Any Good Fps Games

I just got my pc (my friend built it for me) i have a gtx 960 2gb and a amd x840 cpu and i got overwatch and cod black ops 3 any suggestions thank you by the way i got $20 so any games around that would great

CSGO is good and $15 but its intense and addictive. The Arma series is really realistic, more of a war simulator, but expensive. Battlefield is always fun but expensive.


  • less COD like, more tactical
  • good player base
  • team communication is common on almost every server
  • realistic gun mechanics
  • bunny hopping doesn't work and will most assuredly get you killed

I would say Squad (the game) is a mix between Arma and Insurgency


Fistfull of Frags

Both are free.

Do you mean like online FPS games, single player? Ect...

Any type of FPS or any kind of specifics you are looking for?

TF2, CS:GO, Overwatch

Left 4 Dead 2 is also pretty good if you don't mind a zombie game.

Ratz Instagib is a simple and enjoyable one.

The pre alpha build of Unreal Tournament is good, but you will need to redownload a new bild about every month

Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic zombie game with good progression.
The metro games are really good, very immersive post apocalypse FPS. Pick up the first one, Metro 2033 Redux, instead of them both, since money is a factor

Toxikk is great. It has a free mode with a few limitations.

Planetside 2 is great and it is free. (with microtransactions but starting load-outs are balanced and new users get buffs)

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Bullet storm, it's a game that generally suprised me. Lot's of dick jokes and lots of fun shooting/weapons. Made by the dude who did Gears of War.

Borderlands series is very good, very fun if you play it with someone, or online.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The first one, imo the best one in the series, personally.

Titan fall. Lovely game - online only though so you may need to wait for players to come on. But it's a real blast. Second one comes out soon, too.

Crysis 2. Still an amazing looking game, even today, and the sound in it is amazing. And the Cryengine it runs on overall.

PAYDAY2. Another fun game, online but if you get a team together it's a lot of fun. And has progression.

Wolfenstein. Never finished it myself, due to time reasons. But was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it.

As a person, who hates the FPS genre with passion, I can recommend Serious Sam. It can run on a microwave screen if it needs to.
You start shooting and you never stop. The game gets more and more ridiculous until it gets full on bat sh!t crazy.
That's it.

The Orange Box.

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Insurgency , Verdun

I've played a ton of fps games over the years and I have to say Rainbow 6: Seige takes the cake. Can't stop playing it. Very unique and it comes down to smarts not gun skills most of the time. I think there is a free version that lets you play for a bit but you can get the game on sale for a decent price every once and a while.


CS 1.6, CSS, CSGO, TF2, Garrys mod, combat arms, Battlefield 3/4/bad company 2, Heroes + Generals, Overwatch, Battleborn, War Thunder, Quake 3, Fallout 3/NV/4

Old-skool first-person shooters are the best. Especially with regard to single-player campaign.

Here are some of the best I have played:

Doom 1 & 2
Quake (Original)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Soldier of Fortune (Only available on disc)

I am currently playing through The Operative: No One Lives Forever, which I am quite enjoying. It's kinda like 007 Goldeneye on the N64 (also one of the best first-person shooters). Unfortunately it was only ever released on disc.

There are a few other first-person shooters that I can suggest, that are on my hit-list. I have them in my library but I haven't really played much of them yet. They are:

Blood 1 & 2
Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Clive Barker's Undying
Duke Nukem 3D
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter (disc only)
Sin Gold
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior (2013)
Turok the Dinosaur Hunter

If you are in doubt that old-skool first-person shooters are generally better, I refer you to this video by TotalBiscuit:

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OG MW is the shit, I still play it till' this day and there are a bunch of good mods and servers. I think it's even free-to-play w/the community made mods. I can't confirm because I bought it on steam for 5 bucks like 5 years ago lol.

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