Any good bluetooth earphones out there?

As the title says...

That doesn't break the bank of course =p

My Xiaomi Piston V2 just died; it is a good pair of drivers but it seemed to have died due to my lifestyle.

Thus I came to a conclusion that maybe a pair of bluetooth drivers will last longer since it won't have a wire all the way down to my phone that can be a cause of potential failure.

Thanks in advance!

Jaybirds bluebirds are one of the most recommended Bluetooth headphones. I've never tried them, but the reviews have always been pretty positive.

best thing you can do is get a pair of Bluedio H-Turbines. crack open the useless casing and transfer them to some good quality earmuffs.

you could also bring your broken head phones back to life by getting a soldering iron and sacrificing them to the gods of tek and flame.

I bought the cheapest pair I could find on ebay:

They are by no means Hi-Fi but they are surprisingly good. I was going to spend 150€ on the Jaybirds, but decided to give these a try first. For the money you can't beat them.

im rocking the Kinivo BTH240's. The are solid, stereo, bluetooth headphones that wrap around the back of the neck and usually dont cost more than $30. I get a solid 10 hours of music out them before a recharge and a week of being on standby. i highly recommend them. Especially since they have the ability to be your hands-free microphone/headset.