Any good 64gb microSD card?

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I have an adata premier 64GB micro-sd card that I use with my phone and it works great. I got it for $27 too! :D

Most cards are fine, I would go for a samsung if possible. I have had countless courruption issues but it seems it was all on the android OS side of things. Now that I have cm11 the open source exfat driver is baked into the OS and I can run exfat perfect. I don't have to worry about corruption anymore it's great, good luck.

I have a Sandisk Class 10 UHS1 64gb card in my Note 2. It has been working flawlessly since day one, been through a few formats from ext 4 to fat 32 to ex-fat and back again never missed a beat. 

that said it was about $60 when I got it but they are cheaper now.

there was a faulty batch a few years back but they fixed the issue and replaced the faulty ones, it should all be new stock now anyway, just to let you know.

how long do you have the card and how are the speeds?

can you install the driver without cm? (i have root but i dont want to install cm)

how long do you have the card and how fast is it ?