Any experts with the developer's console in Bethesda games? (TES IV: Oblivion)

I was wondering if there was a way of making Nirnroots reappear in Oblivion in the location you picked them using the console. There’s a method where you click on it before you pick it. But, that’s not an option anymore.

If it matters, it’s in the Frostcrag Spire garden. Could i somehow reset the entire garden?

If your going to the trouble to spawn them anyway wouldn’t it be much easier to just do player.additem 0004E940 1 to add them directly to your inventory?

The additem command will add nirnroots to your inventory, they’ll be usable for alchemy, but they will not be usable in the Seeking your roots quest.

The notes of the uesp page states that you can select a nirnroot before picking it, then use “enable” to make it reappear. Never tried it myself, but usually stuff noted on uesp is correct.

Here’s the page if you want to read it yourself:


Come on, man… i already mentioned that.

And i want to respawn the plant in Frostcrag’s garden. I want the garden untouched. My OCD demands it. Because… you know, mental problems. I dont mind going around and picking them.

Seems you need a sleep for a week or how ever many days take takes them to grow / respawn.

That could work unless you’re a vampire.

They don’t regrow… tha’ts the problem.

Are. Its been a while since oblivion. I should replay it :slight_smile:
Im sorry I dont think I can help outside of player.add

A modder could make frostcrag spire respawn but its beyond my need to do limit. Hope someone helps. Maybe the nexus mod community could make a small mod. Ask them.

My bad… There was also mention of removing the script that prevents nirnroots from respawning with the construction set. From what I can tell this mod will do that for you.

Getting the garden to just reset would have been just running resetinterior frostcragspire02 (which would reset the entire cell), but I just tried it out myself, and it didn’t get the nirnroot to reappear, but it did reset the rest of the plants. Can’t really say this is surprising since they act very different from other plants in the game.


Yeah, i tried the interior reset before. I came across that. It didn’t work for me either. The mod seems useful for me. Kind of. I really just want to leave the Nirnroot alone. I dont want them all to respawn. It’s why this is bothering me in the first place. I figured i’d just start the Seeking your Roots quest by picking the Nirnroot in Frostcrag THINKING it is the special garden that it is, and it will have a respawning Nirnroot. And i could have SWORN (i had this imprinted into my brain much like this piece of shit OCD) that the sample found in Frostcrag is ‘the only respawning sample’.

GTFO of here, Bethesda. You make a special wizard’s tower with a garden, and it has a sample of a plant that doesn’t respawn. Ugh… FML.

if only i could exploit the mod somehow and respawn the Nirnroot in Frostcrag.

Even if the nirn root was hard coded. You could make a mod that gave the same plant image and a script that player.added the nirn root on looting. surely.

You should be able to remove the mod after the nirnroot respawns without damaging your save. You’d still end up with all of them respawning, but only once. I’d keep a copy of the save before adding the mod just in case, but there shouldn’t be any problems.

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Well… of course, only once? That’s how it’s meant to be. :P. The only one i picked was the one at Frostcrag. I just tried it. And it worked. Yeah, no crashes or anything. Sweet. I actually thought it would somehow rely on “missing content” as per usual. But it works!

WOOT! Thanks!