Any experienced D&D'erz out there?

Matt Mercer for D & Diesel was soo good, I highly recommend checking out Critical Role as well for anyone interested. Home brew campaign, forget if its 5e or Pathfinder haha really good!

Oh just BTW, I've never actually played D&D but am an avid fan of it haha

You should play. Really.

Yeah more of finding a group/ the time to get into it, but more so the group. But looks like I might be able to organise a group soon with all the tek peeps that seem to be into D&D haha

Good luck

If all my players die I may start a campaign on here. I'm also looking for an experienced game to join since I haven't been a player in about 2 years. Also looking to add d&ders on steam/skype

Maybe if I can find bearable roll20 assets I'll do a one off for the noobsauce players

I used to DM for a 3.5 group about 7 uears ago. Been so long since I played.

Well damn that's longer than I've played all together. I know there has to be some old timers on here somewhere who played back in the 80's. Hard to find though

Started with AD&D :)

That's pretty old school

Quit because of 4ed. 5.0 and pathfinder look cool though.

No one seems to like 4e. Where I'm from our big group of D&Ders never liked it. 3.5e basically was made to be the club standard. The only situation where I would give 4e a nod would be kick in the door lunch room games. But even then I think 5e is fairly streamlined anyway. Also I think pathfinder is basically just bootleg 3.5e with extra stuff.

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You say that like it is a bad thing lol.

Not at all actually

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Awesome man, let me know how you go!

I've only played a few times with friends, but I never had enough time to complete one. I still have no idea what was going on. I'd gladly join if you wanted another player. I've got table top simulator on steam, if that helps.

Not exactly looking for players just looking for people who play

i ran 4e and had to teach it to about 300 or so 11-23 year olds. it was and is horrible. the millions of attacks for every class is just ridiculous. there are no easy options. half the rules are unnecessarily complicated, and there are a million +'s and -'s to everything. further more they made way too many books and scattered the races and classes and feats and items between all these books, so every game is at least 50% searching through books to read up on things. if you KNOW what your doing and everything there is to know about your character, you can play quickly. but that takes hours and hours of reading, and leveling up takes hours reading through options in all the different books.
just a horrible game.

5th and literally every other version of D&D blows 4th away. but hey wizards of the coast made millions of all those books.

That sounds like absolute pain, I thought 4th edition was ultra simplified and it was the older versions like AD&D that had many rules to account for. Biggest group I had to try to teach D&D was 9-10 people which was a real pain in the ass to get them to pay attention and keep things interesting to them.

i mean, it wasnt 300 at the same time. usually around 20-40 at a time but yea, painful.