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Any Dota 2 players around? Looking for a good group :)


Hey all! Been getting back into Dota 2 recently and felt like finding some people to play with. I’m on Pacific Time, usually play evenings and weekends.

I’m definitely a more casual player, just looking to have a good time as well as improve. If that sounds fun to you feel free to hit me up on steam, or post your info here.

If there’s enough people I’ll make a discord server specifically for the L1 Dota group to hang out in.

Or Discord @ Tulkas#5982

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I’ve been thinking about it. Been looking for a game to replace WoW. Never really got into Dota 2, but I did play LoL for a while.

So I might hop on. Can’t make any promises though. I’ll post my Steam here once I get somewhere where it’s not blocked.

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Time you usually play and Timezone would help you find someone.

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Edited, good idea!

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