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Any designers/Typographers or Typography lovers? Need help with Script Type

So i’ve gotten some new client work, and i’ll be needing to use script type. As far as hierarchy goes and typographic principals, normal typography, whether it’s serif or sans serif is easy for me.

But when it comes to scripts… i’m clueless as to what to use. My internal data bank of type (brain) for script typefaces is just EMPTY. If i’m using a sans serif i automatically think: Futura, Bank Gothic, Avante Garde Gothic. That sort of thing. But i always reach a roadblock when faced with having to use script type.

What are some good scripts to use?

I can’t think of any off hand because Script fonts are usually awful and overused by amateurs.
I just skimmed my Library and although I have used script, I don’t like one enough to suggest using it.
Only the artist can know what’s best for themselves.

This page is a good resource if you need to figure out what font is used in an image.