Any compatibility issues with AMD 3600X/AMD 570? Pop!_OS 19.04

Hey guys,

I am upgrading from my i7-6700K to the 3600X with a X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI from Gigabyte. Will I run into any compatibility issues from switching my drives to the new system?

I did hear about SystemD issues and I am curious if those have been resolved.


I believe that was only for Kernel 5.2 and has probably been patched? At any rate Pop OS 19.04 is on Kernel 5.0 and while I don’t have a Ryzen 3000, I do have a X570 board without any issue. I think you should be fine.

This is an issue with systemd pre 242.32-3. Pop_OS! was actually one of the first to patch their ISOs with the systemd fix. The current Manjaro and Arch ISOs are known to work, and the latest Pop_OS! ISO should too.