Any Coffeescripter that can help me understand Cakefiles?

Holá good people!

I'm having an heartaching problem with Cakefiles, trying to write a buildscript at work, I started out with a working script, but all of the suden it just cracked and stopped working. I myself is a core JavaScript guy, I tend to keep away from libraries and syntax changing JS mods, so Coffeescript really isn't my cup of tea (pun intended).

Anyways, the problem I have is that when I add option parameters to the Cakefile task I just can't figure out how to call it in the terminal. An option would look like this in my code (I has it on the work computer so I have to take it from memory)

task "test", "Testing cakefile syntax" ->

option "-m", "--message [text]", "Write a message through the task"

console.log "Message: " + options.message

Now this is pretty basic thinks I, what would go wrong. Well, when I call the task trying to use ->

cake test -m "Test message"

It mostly complain that "-m" isn't valid at all, it won't even go to the messag at that, so it's confusing, I've tried my best to search the web for answers, but at best they're cryptic, there's no real explanation to how a Cakefile works at base level, and I really don't have time to go through node.js and all in's and out's of that as I have a deadline on the tasks I'm suppose to do. The choice to use Coffeescript wasn't mine to start with, and when I ask for help on the mather from the person to choose to incorperate Coffeescript into the project it turns out that he doesn't have any experience with it as well, and have used a default Cakefile setup (that won't work anymore for some unexplainable reason). So all help on the mather is greatly appreciated! :)