Any clues why the 2020 XPS 15 will only support a 2TB m.2 SSD?

According to the teardown and etail in this article, the new XPS can only handle a 2TB m.2 PCI-e SSD. Is that a “Dell will support or ship only up to a 2TB” or the hardware can only support a 2TB SSD. In the drk on this. I was considering downgrading from the AERO 15x9 to the new XPS since my mission has shifted a bit at work. My only drawback is the limited onboard storage of the XPS series and HP Spectre types of laptops.

I don’t have a definitive answer but I don’t see why an NVMe slot on a laptop would be limited to 2TB unless there’s some kind of arbitrary restriction. Even SATA doesn’t really have disk size restrictions (Although certain SATA-based disk shelves were limited to 2TB drives back in the day). M.2 drives over 2TB are really new at the moment so that could be why.

I’d go with this too … Dell can only test so many configurations, and likely when testing was done, no drive larger than 2TB existed. As long as the dimensions of the drive are compatible (length, thickness) it’s just another pci-express device to the computer. UEFI won’t care.

Keep in mind, if you have a problem you’ll need to put your original drive back in before invoking warranty support.

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When you say about 2TB, do you mean 4TB, like the review site sell on their linked web store?

Or do you mean about Dell having limited SKU’s available?

Because the model number on Dell’s site, looks newer than the one on the linked review?
[edit; Dell only look to offer 1TB on the site, from a breif glance. I had th ewrong page]

I am considering getting the XPS and installing a Sabrent 4TB or 8TB drive.

Googling the issue it seems like at least with the previous generation XPS 15 that 2 TB was indeed the limit for whatever reason.

I’m also reading that the sector size of the 4 TB Sabrent drives may cause some issues.

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