Antlion Mod Mic - will not buy again

I had purchased a mod mic just over a year ago. Sound quality is great, but just 2 months after the warranty expired it broke.

The wire they use if very flimsy, and it torqued itself off within the rubber "bend guard" of the jack. The jack was never pulled out by the cord (although proper design should have a cable that can withstand that force).

Essentially the bend guard is molded into the jack, but not the wire is not attached to the bend guard. The wire itself sheered off at the point where the wire was molder into the jack itself (well within the bend guard).

Antlion wouldn't replace my mic, even though it is a defect, because it was no longer under warranty. They offered to sell me a refurbished one, but after seeing the build quality up close, it is still not worth the money. I will not spend $50 on something that should be a quality product for that price.

interesting, I have had mine since november and it has served admirably, even being yanked off my headphones multiple times and being used at a LAN

Yeah I just looked down one day, and the jack was in the audio port in the front, and the wire on the floor.