Anticipated Games for 2017

After seeing Gamescom and some video game trailers and other things, I am a bit excited for video games to come out, and it's been a long time since I felt that way, I mean, I wasn't interested in Rocket League and Witcher 3 in 2015, but I kind of underestimated how good those games would be based on how the current state which gaming is at right now, which is milking franchises/genres to the ground and making them uninspiring and uninteresting, just to make a few bucks and satisfy some simplistic minds.
Heck, I feel like VR Gaming is being milked before it was done growing, especially with hardware manufacturers like for example AMD cutting corners (gimped ROPs makes the RX 480 feel way too much like an already existing card that sold the most, GTX 970, except provided with Async of course) to make a "cheap" VR GPU, or in consoles, Sony cutting even more corners with VR and their system just to make it "VR Ready", which is misleading. Whatever happened to 4K, I am enjoying my huge 4K monitor, granted it's not 144 Hz/Freesync ready unfortunately.

But enough about that, I want to ask what games are people anticipating the most that's coming out in Late 2016-2017? My most anticipated game of this year did not end well unfortunately (No Man's Sky). I'd say my most anticipated games are:

1) Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (Wii U or NX, don't know which)
2) Yooka-Laylee (PC/Wii U/XBO/PS4, will get PC version, just pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whatever God you believe in that it isn't too buggy)
3) Computer Repair Simulator (sounds intriguing, but Idk, I think simulators are a bit milked too these days, but I like messing with computers, so at least I get to satisfy my ambition without spending $$$ on hardware I won't use much, wouldn't wanna be like certain people, like Linus)
4) God of War (Looks like an interesting game that's exclusive to PS4, with that and a few other games, I may snatch myself a PS4 probably after the PS NEO launches though)
There are a couple others that I can't remember, as well as a couple others like a sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Injustice, not too interested in those though, I feel like DBXV came out too soon to have a sequel tbh, that said I do enjoy the game, it's what DBZUT should have been. Injustice 2 don't look too inspiring neither and it is only coming out on 2 systems (PS4/XBO), which is very strange, you'd think they at least have a PC version, but then again, Bayonetta 2 never had a PC version neither, even though the first one did. Unfortunately since Arkham Knight, my taste for Batman games has been lost unfortunately, those older Batman games ran great even on a Surface Pro, but now they run like crap on real gaming machines.



I feel you in a way, I was hyped about NMS before it launched, good thing I didn't buy it yet, doesn't seem worth $60.

That's quite some optimism though lol.

Half Life 3

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Cat simulator.
Oh wait
catlateral damage is a thing

Half Life 2: Episode 3 would be nice bundle with HL3, and when it goes on sale, it goes on sale 90% off at $0.99

We need Cat simulator, that's Game of The Century right there.

It's already a thing and it's shit
Catlateral damage is better.

Oh, nevermind then, what a wasted opportunity!

do you regain health by licking your own genitalia?


Hoping to hear news about Banners Saga 3, I wouldn't mind a follow up on Ori and the Blind Forest, or something similar to that.

As of the stuff that has been announced, can't say I have much to look forward too. I was really looking up to "For Honor" until there more recent updates butchered the Vikings into movie looking Conan the Barbarian pieces of shits.

I might get myself Ori and the Blind Forest when I can.

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After the recent news of another delay, I really want to see Below release next year

Mu Online 2 and Lost Ark. Sure they are Korean pay to win/pay to play but yea it'll provide some enjoyment for a few weeks.