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Antergos - SWAP with an encrypted lvm

Hi all,

I’ve just completed a fresh install of Antergos on my SSD.

I’ve set it up as a fully encrypted lvm, however as Antergos doesn’t give you an option (as far as I can tell) to not have a swap partition I’ve ended with an 8gb swap partition (as per htop).

Ideally, I would like to reclaim this space but gparted doesn’t list the swap partition as a separate item therefore I am unable to delete it or resize it.

Other than not having an encrypted system, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to remove or resize this swap partition?

Thanks in advance.


Lvm has its own set of commands for managing it. Have a loot at those.

Also, it may be setup as a swapfile as opposed to a partition.

Thats exactly what it is.

@Anubis-Linux your system has a swapfile just like OSX and potentially windows does. But rather than havinng a hard limit on it your system will change it dynamically.

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@Aremis Thank you for the clarity.

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