Antec 1200 vs Cooler Master ATCS 840

I;m trying to decide on which case to get for my gaming rig and have narrowed it down to two full tower cases, the Antec 1200 and the Cooler Master ATCS 840. Â Which one should I buy? Â Do not take into account the price difference, the difference is negligable and they are both within my price range. Â If you need more info about my setup just ask for it.

i'd say go with the ATCS 840 has one with a really huge badass custom window :D although it costs a bit more then a stock one

HUGE window!! Not worth an additional $100 imo though.

id get the acts 840 unless you care about how much your case glows and are not capable of doing any modifications yourself.

Huge windows are the difference between HEFTY and wimpy. You should see my house and car.

if i were u i would pick the Antec 1200 over ATCS 840 without hesitating more options and it looks way cool and it already comes with 5 120mm and one 200mm BigBoy fan on top plus side fan so it definitely has a better air circulation and Internal Black Brushed FTW but again that's my opinion in the end its your choice

Edit: i just saw the ATCS 840 on 3dgameman it shore looks great with the 230mm but if ur not gonna mod it and so on i would say antec 1200

Just check these video's: ATCS 840, Antec 1200

I would choose the ATCS 840 over the Antec 1200, just by looks. It just looks like its a way higher quality case then an Antec 1200. Better features then an Antec 1200 on the inside and outside. Fully aluminum, while Antec 1200 still uses plastic for there design. Removable motherboard tray with ballbearing slide. Better cable management. Its an easy pick, ATCS 840 > Antec 1200. If you made the choice out of an Cooler Master ATCS 840 and a Silverstone Fortress FT01 then it would be harder. Ok looks are personal prefrences, but come on...

Who needs removable motherboard? : d
Seems more quality ish when things arnt loose

Alright, I'll go with the ATCS 840. Â Thanks guys.

Antec 1200= More Spacious