ANOTHER humble bundle

Jesus these people never rest!

New humble bundle just launched. The website won't even launch for me but my friends says it's 

trine 2, mark of the ninja , eets munchies beta, brutal legend
for BTA : Faster than light, FEZ
i can say for sure Trine 2 and Faster Than light alone make this worth while. Hop in on this guys!

I'll definitely pick the bundle up for FEZ Brutal Legend, but as usual i'm going to wait till the last couple of days when they throw in some more games.

you dont need to wait because they add the games on the same link for you to happened to me and the origin one with the 2 smaller games

i might pick it up if they add something cool later, all that interests me in the slightest is trine and mark of the ninja

They must have just added this or I lack the ability to read. :P


Just started playing Brutal Legend and it is awesome!

Tried both Trine 2 and Mark of the ninja, both were really good. I absolutely recommend buying the bundle.

Were it not for fez I would buy it, I don't want that butthole getting my money.

Got the bundle a few hours ago. All the games simply rock. I'm excited as to what the games to come are.

Dude, If you dont want to give the devs of FEZ money, Just change the distribution. I dont know why you dont like FEZ but whatever. I personally sent all to Devs as last time I gave all to Charity. (I didnt want to feed EA too much)