Another HD 7950 vs GTX 760 Post

Hello Everyone,


I'm currently looking to upgrade the CPU in my system, here is a breakdown of my parts:


I currently run with a Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and was looking to upgrade to the MSI Gaming Twin Frozr for $259.00, which is right at my maximum budget or the Sapphire HD 7950 (100352-3L) for $241.00 after all applicable discounts from, which sits about $20 under the maximum I was looking to spend. I'm currently using one 1920-1080p display with no plans on using more. I also do not plan on using crossfire or SLI. I do however plan on overclocking, I'm still new to it but it is definately something I plan to do. One last thing, I do not have a preference for either Nvidia or AMD, I currently owned/ have owned a number of GPUs from both. I've seen after reading several reviews and benches that at stock the two cards trade off blows and are pretty much dead even overall. However I've heard that the HD 7950 is a far better overclocker, and once you've done so it'll far out perform the GTX 760. Can anyone give me some sound advice on which would be the better overall buy?

If you strike it lucky with a good 7950 that oc's well. Im sure you'll be happy. Most get around the 1080 core mark and a decent enough memory oc. 

Well, your system is good. It could handle cards upwards of the 760 and 7950. It could run a couple of cards in SLI/crossfire.

Out of the box, they have a similar performance value. The 760 is probably the best priced card, because it is the cheapest card that promises ultra quality in many games.

You're right. When both cards are overclocked, it really isn't a contest. It isn't reflected in most online reviews, because those reviews leave the cards at stock values.

An overclocked 7950 will compete (and sometimes out-perform) an overclocked 770. That makes the 7950 my favourite card on the market. It's relatively cheap and knocks out some of the more expensive competition.

If you grab a 7950, get one that is voltage unlocked, and with a good cooler. The MSI Twin Frozr that sits on your maximum budget is one of the best. Probably not the "best", but there is no complaints with that card.