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Another GPU question :) RTX 2080ti or 3060ti (or AMD GPU)?

While I’m waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 to be released (8th of December 2022, as I am writing this) I am looking for upgrading my GPU.

My current specs are:

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K
Motherboard: Asus Strix B360-i gaming
RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 @2666Mhz (CL13-15-15 1.35V) Kingston Fury Renegade Black
OS NVME: Corsair Force Series MP510 (480GB)
Data/Games NVME: Corsair Force Series MP510 CSSD-F960GBMP510 (960GB)
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64bit
Monitor: AOC C27G1
Case: CoolerMaster Elite 130 (Might be changing to a little bit bigger case in the future :wink: )

I will be gaming in 1080p, but cranking up the details, etc. as high as possible.
I’m almost 50, so gaming on 1440p, or 4K is not relevant for my old eyes :wink:

My GPU will be the bottleneck in future games, the rest of the system should still be good for some time.

My motherboard is PCI-E3.0, so is a PCI-E4.0 overkill?

I have been looking into a 2080ti, but would the 3000 series (3060, 3070) be a better option, or would an AMD GPU be better?

Thank you in advance for any feedback :slight_smile:

The recommended specs for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 are:

OS Version:
Windows 10 / Windows 11

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / Intel Core i7-9700K

16 GB

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB

Disc space:
150 GB SSD

Honestly not an issue as you’ll have full 16 lanes of 3.0

Since you are gaming at 1080p any of those would be fine imo. As the market is pretty messed up right now I would just get what ever you can get at close to MSRP. But honestly you probably wouldn’t have a horrible time with your RX 580 since its the 8gb variant, but if you want the eye candy then you would probably want a bit more power.

Only negative of 2080ti is wont be supported as long as 3000 series for optimization of new titles.

GL finding one at a good price but it can be done.

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Will be curious how well optimized it’ll be this go-around
The OG STALKER, took a few years of hardware pushing, to get comfortable FPS

1080p at higher settings, ultimately shouldn’t be an issue
It wouldn’t hurt, in giving the 580 a college try, since you do have it [+ its an 8GB]
The 3060Ti / 3070, would be more power efficient, of the 3 nVIDIA options

Have you looked into a more aggressive memory kit?

Let’s see. Current market:

Model Price Perf gain
3060 $799 n/a
6600 XT $649 10%
3060 Ti $899 10%
6700 XT $899 5%
3070 Ti $1399 25%
6800 XT $1349 10%
2080 Ti $2399 6%

Conclusion: Unless you can find a 2080 Ti for $900 or so, best value is the 6600 XT and 6700 XT, the 3060 Ti is no slouch either though. I recommend MLIDs GPU chart to get an idea of the performance, Tom tends to be pretty unbiased in his assessments.

Any higher than the 6700 XT performance is pretty much stupid for 1080p gaming. Once you upgrade to 1440p or 4k, then we can talk. :slight_smile:

[edit] I see now you have a 5700 XT which is pretty much same performance as 6600 XT. So, yeah, unless you need something better, stick with the 5700 XT.[/edit]

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I saw a rumor of a NEW 3060Ti in the works?

It would not make any sense for Nvidia to launch that; Perhaps there will be a 12 GB version, but then Nvidia have the same problem as they had the last generation with the 20x0, 20x0 Super and 20x0 Ti. Which one is the fastest of those?

30x0 + 30x0 Ti is pretty easy - Ti is more performance than the other card. But is Super better or worse than the Ti? Worse, some Super were better and some were worse than the Ti version, adding to the confusion. Ultimately, I think the Super hurt more than helped here.

GTX-Turings got segmentized [basically] to confusing pile of rubble
The bigly Ampere chip, has basically faced a pizza wheel, with all this [ongoing] BS

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Well, for 1080p, I think a 2080Ti is a good start.
I have a 9900k, 2080ti, 16gb ram. CPU stays at 4.9, didn’t bother to overclock the GPU. Only thing I’ve done is moved them to a custom loop (and it turned out to be extremely “worth it’s time and effort”).

For today I play everything I find with Ultra settings and don’t have any problems. I must say that I have a 60Hz monitor (problems with finding a decent gaming one for my eyes) and have FPS capped at 90. But before the enabled FPS cap, titles like Doom, Borderlands 3, PathOfExile(with everything cranked up to 12) I didn’t have any drops (the system did manage to eat up everything, but then I enabled the FPS monitor, and saw those 160-200fps numbers).

Never used the RTX though (tried a few times, but that didn’t get my attention for long).

Have played the FinalFantasy 7 remake on ultras (99% of the time FPS limiter is 90 fps of 90 enabled… and the other 1% is still 80+). Assume the new GodOfWar port won’t have any troubles as well.

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I gave my little sister my old machine what has simular specs (i9 10850k, TITAN V) and honestly it still plays all the games she needs at 1440p60 locked at 60fps, still a great machine


Since the release of the game has been delayed, I have all year to find a good GPU replacement :slight_smile:

In regards to memory, then the motherboard does not support quicker memory than 2666Mhz, the Kingston with CL13-15-15 1.35V was the best 32GB kit I could find without paying through the roof. There aren’t many DDR4 kits with CL13.

I am playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly at 1080p, with the setting above medium and it plays pretty fluently.

The 5700XT listed, are the recommended specs for the game :slight_smile:

I am currently running with an RX580 :slight_smile:
I do have hopes that the supply demand will get better in the last half of 2022…:smiley:

You should be able to get an 390 iTX board by now [at more reasonable price]
Don’t wanna leave a K chip, handicapped of its potential…

Please elaborate :slight_smile:

What would the benefit be of the 390iTX as opposed to the B360 Mini-ITX i’m running now ? :slight_smile:

This is mostly hypothetical as the z390 is already a legacy product, but only some minor differences here:

Model ROG Strix B360-I ROG Strix Z390-I
VRMs Good Better
Max memory speed 2666 MHz 4800 MHz
Max memory capacity 32 GB 64 GB
HDMI version 1.2 2.0
Back USB 3 3 4
Internal USB C 0 1

So, the Z390 allows for better overclocking / lower CPU temps, MOAR RAM and a couple of other nice features. Not really worth the upgrade IMO.

Thanks for the update. :+1:
My current system was build quite cheaply out of reused parts, and bought second hand.
The only thing I bought new were the RAM, and the 480GB Corsair NVME, got some good deals on the two.

If I were to upgrade to a new system it would be an AMD system, but a new GPU is first on the list. I think it will be a year or two before a system upgrade is needed.

In that case I would save my money and wait until ~6 months after the AM5 platform is released. By then, you will know whether Zen 4 is worth it, the heavy shots have been fired, and any potential teething issues with A620/B650/X670 have been sorted out. Also, by then Intel should’ve released or at least revealed their Zen 4 counter. So that would be approx. Mars - June 2023, 15-18 months from now.

Hopefully GPU shortage is better then. :slight_smile:

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That is the plan in the long run :slight_smile:

Yeah hopefully we soon get back to normal in this GPU drought :smiley:

I just realized that the monitor I have is using AMD FreeSync.

So I think I will go for an RX6700XT, or depending on price an RX6800, the GPU chart provided by Wertigon was a great help. I also found this video on Youtube:

From what I can see then when playing on 1080p I will get a very decent performance, and the temperatures on the RX6700XT are lower than on the RX6800.
So the RX6700XT would probably be number one, unless I get an “offer I can’t refuse” on an RX6800

Honestly, the temperatures’ topic is a bit overrated.
I thought nVidia had good temps when I was going for the 2080Ti. I even went for the MSI with it’s TwinFrozr (or what was it called), actually expecting that it would be quite decent (AND not a Glorb damn air jet duct taped with a vacuum cleaner).

Well, after a few month, I realized that I was VERY wrong. Something actually “worthy of 2080Ti” at the dates, when the 2080Ti was the king of the hill, and that jet plane to the left of me started its ignition sequence.

I tried different cases, slapping fans on every possible place - nah. And this wasn’t a case with my card alone. It did keep the temperatures. The cooling worked. But in order for it to work, I sacrificed the thing I enjoy the most - working/playing in a silent environment and actually hearing my speakers and not how “powerful” are my fans.

In the end, I went for custom waterloop, which is the main point of my post. It made an astronomical difference and made it possible for me to enjoy AAA+ games at ultra (1080p*) till this day.

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Right now, imho - If you’ve got a 5700XT right now I’d be sitting on it until things start to use mesh shaders, which Pascal, Navi1 and earlier cards do not support.

AMD is releasing/has released a new driver update that supports essentially FSR (but they’re calling it “Radeon Super Resolution” - there are a couple of caveats) on all titles on Navi onward cards which will help you out until the price of new cards shakes out.

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