Another BSOD Mystery

Hi all, been getting some BSODs and other such nuisances, first here are some files:

Most recent dumps:

Whocrashed output:

There have been a lot more BSODs, but I just reinstalled windows about half an hour or so ago so I've only got these at the moment.


Initially the problem started as applications randomly crashing to desktop - its most extreme in web browsers that crash literally every time a new tab is opened, but it also effects everything else; Skype has crashed, windows media player has crashed, any games I try to play also crash. The crashes aren't particularly severe - literally just sudden CTDs - but they are rather frequent

Intermittently amidst the crashes are bluescreens, which all have different errors. I've managed to work out that it might possibly be my RAM or HDD (Which is an SSD). I believe I eliminated driver issues when I formatted the drive, reinstalled windows 7, and immediately started getting the same problem when starting it up. The errors are above.

If its useful to note, while my PC is idling and literally doing nothing, the BSODs don't seem to happen. Its only when the PC is actually doing things that problems arise.


Anyway, I'd appreciate any kind of input on this - I'm going to go run memtest a bunch of times now.