Anno 2070 or Total War: Shogun II?

Looking to get an RTS game after I upgrade my computer. Now as both are thirty dollars, I'm wondering which one I should get. I've also been looking at Civilization 5, but more determined on Anno and Total War.

Anno 2070 is quite a relaxed game. Nothing wrong with it, just a little slow paced for an RTS.

I've always been a huge fan of Total War games, but I would actually suggest picking up an older TW game. Shogun 2 lacks variation between factions, which makes it boring as hell. And all the castle sieges look exactly the same. No effort was put into Shogun 2.

Pick up Medieval 2 Total War for a few dollars. You can mod it to make it like LOTR if you get the Kingdoms expansion pack:

It's a complete mod. The campaign map looks like Middle Earth!

Looks like I'll be rolling with Anno. I'm more into slow paced games.

Nice. The music is quite relaxing in Anno, so it should be to your taste.

I can't comment on Civ5. Last Civilization game that I played was years and years ago, and I hated it!

You might consider the new Humble Bundle. Tropico is an island city builder, it would be much cheaper. Though, I have never played it. I am tempted to pick it up.

Yeah, I was thinking about Tropico. Definitely going to pick it up. 

Anno and Total War are some of my favorite games, but Anno is a better game to get full.  When Shogun 2 goes on sale it will be nice.  While Shogun 2 doesn't have too much variation, it was admittedly the best vanilla TW experience CA has ever given the community.  If you want to know the definition of a boring ass Total War, play Rome 2.  Usually I put 100+ hours in TW games (400+ for Medieval II and Rome), but I've completely abandoned it at about 30.

I've already decided on going with Tropico thanks to the help of Berserker.

Thanks for swaying me away from Rome II even more.