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meet up next penguicon and do it there. @wendell and maybe i will be there and can act as witnesses to the headpatting. i have some lawyer clients and can talk to them about getting a headpatting contract written up.

im joking i dont want to loose them as clients


Do it, no balls


Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? This started off as a weeb meme and now you’ve brought wendell into the loop… :frowning:


i count 4

you must go on this epic quest to get your prize nonsensical thesis


Do not stick your dick in crazy.


BRB dropping into GDB, adjusting quest status marker…

Now the game life has me at stage 5, post headpat agreement fulfilment, awaiting research paper compensation.


Everyone knows 5 is a better number than 4, even if it is wrong it is the better choice, always.


you make a sound argument. 4 is death and should be replaced with 5 whenever possible.




no you



you got it all wrong, ME


All we get is an occasional spiteful mention in the news


I don’t want to be part of that mention. :grimacing:


Remember happy waifu, happy lifu. Even if they’re just side waifus.


We must sic our Waifus on him


This man knows the truth.


Too late


@TheDiddilyHorror, get hype for Goblin Slayer


Watched the first ep of Violet Evergarden. Idk wtf is going on, but I am intrigued. Also the steampunk-ish aesthetic is right up my alley.


You probably won’t know whats going on for another 4 episodes.