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Nope. not on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

also bro that is just mega hentai… just looked for at the trailer. you are better off finding that shit on Hentaihaven. the episode is 5 minutes long.

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umm…excuse me? Please be joking. Dub is the most cringey shit ever. Not only should you be banned from all things anime, you should be banned from all things nerd. I don’t even want you to watch my favorite anime now. Dub desecrates everything it touches. They literally change entire meanings of sentences when they don’t have to. Disgusting. Absolutely revolting.




Look man, I don’t think dub’s quality is better than sub. I just don’t care to read videos, mainly because I can’t read the subs and take in the visuals at the same time, so I deal with the usual worse voice acting.
Also, you sound like your just turning your nose up at dub. Believe it or not there are a few anime that are generally excepted as having a better dub, like Panty & Stocking, and Baccano.

I believe your the first person I’ve legitimately triggered inside the safe haven of my threads, we all have different opinions here and there’s no need to get triggered over one that doesn’t line up with yours. It’s all right to debate them but keep it constructive please.



Stop watching anime. I’m serious. I’m begging. It is not meant to be consumed like that. “I don’t care to read my videos” is not an excuse to consume something that is not only bastardized, but completely changed. Everything is totally different about dub. The tone of every scene and character is totally shot to crap. Come on, dude. “I don’t care to watch my videos” was supposed to console me? Fuck I would rather you have lied and said you were blind for Christ sake. I want to play in traffic after reading that piss poor justification/reasoning. If you’re not going to stop watching anime, at least don’t watch my favorite anime in the whole wide world. Please do not consume “Planetes” in such an ugly fashion. GROSS

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P.S. I have watched a little bit of these animes that are supposed to have good dub. I wanted to barf after 30 seconds every time. God I hate Americans.



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While free speech exists, this is a privately run forum with rules/guidelines.

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Its difficult to be awesome but somebody’s gotta do it. :smiley:

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This is the only thing that mattered in that post.

I’m aware that this is partially true, though you’re being overdramatic. I’m not going to indulge your next comment if it’s going to have unconstructive hate in it, It’s unnecessary.

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I watched the No Game No Life sub and the dub, both are pretty good.



Oh lol, I guess they got the ecchi tag wrong



I mean, who falls from the ceiling right into the D gets penetrated then gets some fucc. literally.



Really that is what happens? lmao



yes. the whole episode is just that one scene. 5 minutes off fall through the ceiling and get some fucc



Well that’s pretty neat, Made in Abyss is getting a dub by sentai and will be streamed on hidive.



Sweet. I hope it’ll be decent. I ended up rewatching some of the episodes just to take in the scenery.

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inb4 go watch things in english with english subs and watch how they change stuff also lol

they fuck up quotes/memes etc



This about sums up the first episode of how not to summon a demon lord, it was entertaining and had a few good laughs, but was hoping for something more serious like overlord than comedic like this is. We only get one serious bad ass scene which is short and not all that great tbh. I’ll still enjoy it though, it just isn’t what I wanted.






Do you even check genre outside of whether or not it’s Isekai? /s

Notifications have been restored on MAL!

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No not really lol

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